Dr Oz & Bra Doctor Susan Nethero of Intimacy Bras: Bra Fitting Tips


Dr Oz was joined by The Bra Doctor, Susan Nethero, who is the owner of Intimacy Boutiques.  Gravity can be a woman’s worst enemy, but why exactly do breasts sag and how can we lift them back up to where they belong?  Dr Oz & The Bra Doctor

Dr Oz: Why Do Breasts Sag?

Doctor Oz showed three examples of breast shapes, sizes and textures.  When you are in your 20’s your breasts feel firm and solid.  By the time you are in your 30’s and 40’s, your breasts start to get lumpy, because you start to get cysts in your glandular tissue, which makes it harder for doctors to differentiate between cysts that are ok and cancerous growths.  By your 50’s, your breasts become pretty soft.  Dr Oz said that when you are young, your breasts are perky and there is not too much fat in your breasts.  But as you age, gravity pushes them down and they begin to flatten out because structural changes occur.  This is one way that nature tells you no more babies.  Dr Oz said that science does not really have an easy fix for when Cooper’s Ligaments (that is the ligaments towards the top of your breast) sag.  So the solution to sagging breasts is to choose the right clothing.

Dr Oz: Sports Bras Prevent Sagging Breasts

Dr Oz turned the discussion of bras over the Susan Nethero, The Bra Doctor, who said that a sports bra should NOT be a compression based cloth that is basically just a band of tight fabric that has no structure.  You want a sports bra that has seaming around the breast so that there is structure.  Also, look for sports bras that have cup sizes like A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, etc.  The last thing Nethero said to look for is adjustable straps on a sports bra.  I have actually been to one of Susan Nethero’s Intimacy Boutiques (the one in NYC) and my favorite sports bra of all times was fitted by them.  I cannot recommend them enough!  So if you live in NYC or are planning a visit anytime soon, definitely call and make an appointment for a free bra fitting!

Dr Oz: Professionally Fitted Bras

One of the things that professional bra fitters see most often is women wearing bras that are too big around the body.  If you can pull the back of your bra more than 2″ away from your body, then it is too much.  You need to get a professional bra fitting at least once a year.  A good bra can help your breasts from looking like they are sagging, plus it can prevent sagging to a certain degree when you are younger.

Dr Oz:  Bra Cup Depth

The last thing that you should look for when you try on a bra is that you need to get the bra cup depth correct.  Susan Nethero told Dr Oz that you do not want to spill out of the bra cup, nor do you want to get lost in the cup.  Did you know that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra?


  1. Samantha says

    Intimacy only has stores in certain cities. Are their any other recommendations for fuller breast girls?

  2. Samantha says

    Intimacy only has stores in certain cities. Are their any other recommendations for fuller breast girls

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