Dr Oz: Brad Lamm Drug Intervention of Jared: The Right Step Rehab


Dr Oz was joined by Brad Lamm, author of How to Help the One You Love, to do a drug intervention for a young man named Jared.  The Dr Oz Drug Addiction shows always leave me feeling so badly for the families.  Jared was a fun, smart, healthy boy growing up but, just 8 months ago, Jared’s mother found out that he was using drugs and spinning out of control.  In order to fuel his addiction, Jared stole televisions and computers .  The young man even stole $12,000 from his own grandmother.  Jared’s mom watched the sheriff take him away from his grandmother’s home and it was heart breaking.  Jared’s grandmother did not press charges though, because she did not want him to be in jail – what a difficult situation for anyone to have to be in.  On the one hand, by not pressing charges, she was enabling Jared’s drug addiction – but on the other hand, can you imagine pressing charges against your own grandson? Dr Oz Drug Intervention

Dr Oz: Jared’s Drug Intervention with Brad Lamm

Brad Lamm went to New Mexico to see Jared and to begin a drug intervention.  Jared’s family was trying to rehab him at home, but they found proof that he was still doing drugs.  They would find needles under the mattress or in the air vents.  They said they just could not trust him and felt like prisoners in their own home.  What a heart breaking story.

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