Dr Oz: Brain Aneurysms: Prevention & Symptoms of Brain Aneurysms


Dr Oz did a segment called Dead Before Your Time: Can You Prevent An Unexpected Killer?  The unexpected killer Doctor Oz is referring to are Brain Aneurysms.  If you are a woman between the ages of 30 and 65, you must read this and pass it on to everyone you know.  When a Brain Aneurysm hits, it feels like an ice pick is piercing through your skull, your vision blurs, you get paralyzing nausea and vomiting, and often you will lose consciousness for the last time and die.  Nobody is immune to Aneurysms.  Nearly 30,000 people suffer from a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm every year, and almost half of them do not survive.  Women are twice as likely to get Aneurysms as men, and 1 in 50 people have an Aneurysm right now.  Every 18 minutes, someone’s Brain Aneurysm ruptures, so please read this and spread the word so that we can save lives!

Dr Oz: What is a Brain Aneurysm?

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Carolyn Brockington, a Vascular Neurologist, who said that if you look at an artery as a tube, an Aneurysm is a weakened area in the tube.  As pressure builds in theDr Oz Ruptured Brain Aneurysm artery, the weak area fills up like a balloon until it is full of blood and eventually ruptures, causing blood to go all over your brain which is toxic.  Aneurysm are often deep inside the brain, and so they are not easy to find or to get to.  You can be just walking outside and lean over, strain yourself, or get mad, and the extra pressure in your can make the Aneurysm explode and damage neurons all around it.

Dr Oz: Aneurysm Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the number one symptom of an Aneurysm is that it is the worst headache of your life.  Some other things to look for according to Dr Brockington is for a sudden and very severe headache.  If you notice any of these Brain Aneurysm Symptoms, go to the Emergency Room right away and ask for a brain scan so that they can figure out what is going on and how to fix it.

Dr Oz: Brain Aneurysm Stories

Dr Oz had three guests on his show who have been touched by Aneurysm in one way or another.  Brenda was 6 months pregnant and was about to get into the shower when she had a tremendous headache and rushed to the hospital.  They were able to save her and clamp the Aneurysm at the hospital, and so she and her baby were saved.  Dr Oz’s second guest lost her sister named Cindy who was in her 30’s and very physically fit (running marathons and even working as a personal trainer).  Cindy had a Brain Aneurysm while riding her bike (perhaps due to hitting a tree) and unfortunately she passed away.  Dr Oz’s third guest, Jennifer, said she was getting a MRI for something completely unrelated when they found a Brain Aneurysm.  Her doctor said that it is too tiny at this point and that it was not worth going after it yet.  She was more panicked when she first got the diagnosis, but now she is hopeful that everything will be ok since her doctor is watching it closely.

Dr Oz: Brain Aneurysm Risks

Not all Aneurysm require treatment, but some factors that doctors look at in making a decision are the following:


  1. Natalie says

    I am from Belize and i had a sister who pass away 6 months ago, she was only 32…Her husband did not want us to do an autopsy but by reading this article it gives me closure that my sister died from brain aneurysm due to the sudden death. She was always active and did everything fast, never once been in the hospital except for minor stuff. But before she died she been complaining of headaches and always had things stressing her out. The night before she died she had terrible nausea and vomiting but we didnt think much of it as she had 2 beers. The morning she got up she seem fine and up and running but by the time she finish taking her shower and putting on her clothes she colapse in the room and died infront of my mom, dad and her 5 year old son…this has been the saddest 6 months of my life but thanks to Dr. Oz i finally feel like i know what went wrong. ;-(

  2. Roberta Morse says

    I am a brain aneurysm survivor, 70 years old. a retired school bus driver of twenty-four years. My aneurysm happened when I was thirty-four years old. I had three children at the time, a boy thirteen,, a girl twelve, and a girl ten. My husband and I were at an Eastern Star meeting and I had the worst headache ever. I had migrains since I was twenty, but nothing like this. I have no memory of what took place, only what I have been told. I was operated on the 23rd of December and my vitals dropped off, so my husband was called and told that I wasn’t going to make it. By the time he got to the hospital my vitals had turned around, but I was in a comma for about a month, and totally paralized on my right side. I missed Christmas that year! That was in 1974. I had my 4th child a year and a half later and she was the best thing that could have happened to me. It took me 15 years before I could drive a school bus again (I had been a bus driver previously for app. 5 years) and I am now retired, at home with my husband who has Alzymers after teaching for 38 years. It’s so sad because he has been stripped of being able to talk, to read, to count, to do anything that he did before. Thank you, Dr. Oz, for this program so that people are aware of what to watch for and maybe more can be saved if it is diagnosed early. Sincerely, Roberta Morse

  3. sabrina lopez says

    hi im sabrina & im 23yrs. old and i hit my head very hard on the metal part of my shower on the left side of my head 2 months ago ive been getting little headaches not bad headaches just where you can tell something is there & unconfortable ever since and now just today i have another little headache and its making behind my left eye feel al;ittle weird does this mean i have a brain aneurysm?

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