Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Headache Diary, Warning Signs & Risks


Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz gave a list of three Brain Cancer Risk Factors, along with the precautions that all of us should start taking today to help prevent Brain Cancer.  Doctor Oz said that when you get headaches on a daily basis, it could be a sign of Brain Cancer.  One woman told Dr Oz that her headaches were the worst in the mornings and they just kept getting more and more severe.  Then she began to get what felt like a hot flash that started in her stomach and went up to her head.  Eventually she learned that these were seizures.  Finally, she got a tingling sensation in her arms and had Stroke-like symptoms.  When she went to the doctor, she found out that she had a huge mass growing on her brain.  Luckily, the mass was caught early enough because it would have become cancerous if they did not discover it when they did.

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