Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Headache Diary, Warning Signs & Risks

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Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Headache Diary, Warning Signs & Risks

By on September 20, 2011

Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz gave a list of three Brain Cancer Risk Factors, along with the precautions that all of us should start taking today to help prevent Brain Cancer.  Doctor Oz said that when you get headaches on a daily basis, it could be a sign of Brain Cancer.  One woman told Dr Oz that her headaches were the worst in the mornings and they just kept getting more and more severe.  Then she began to get what felt like a hot flash that started in her stomach and went up to her head.  Eventually she learned that these were seizures.  Finally, she got a tingling sensation in her arms and had Stroke-like symptoms.  When she went to the doctor, she found out that she had a huge mass growing on her brain.  Luckily, the mass was caught early enough because it would have become cancerous if they did not discover it when they did.

Dr John Boockvar told Dr Oz that around 50% of people with Brain Cancer have headaches as a warning sign, but of course many more of us have headaches that do not have Brain Cancer.  If your headaches are associated with vision loss, or if they wake you up at night or in the morning, these are all greater signs that it could be Brain Cancer.

Dr Oz showed a healthy brain compared to one with Brain Cancer.  If you get a mass near your eyes, it can change your personality.  Whereas if the tumor forms in the back of the brain, you will notice other changes occur.  The headaches occur because there is not a lot of room in your brain for a tumor to grow.  At night, you bring more carbon dioxide into your brain, which causes the cells to swell and bulge.  However, your skull does not move, so it squeezes down on your swelling brain which is what causes the terrible headaches.

Doctor Oz said that the following are some Brain Cancer Risk Factors to keep your eyes open for:

Brain Cancer Risk Factor #1

If you are over 50 years of age, especially if you are 55-65 years old, then you are at an increased risk for getting Brain Cancer.

Brain Cancer Risk Factor #2

If you have had three or more CT Scans of your head or neck area in your life, then you may have a greater chance of getting Brain Cancer.  The data is pretty clear according to Dr Boockvar that we should try to limit our exposure to CT Scans.

Brain Cancer Risk Factor #3

Heavy cell phone use may also increase your risk of getting Brain Cancer, though this is still a highly debatable topic.  Dr Boockvar told Dr Oz that some studies have shown a link between cell phone usage and Brain Cancer, while others have shown there is no correlation.  To be on the safe side though, you should try to limit your exposure to cell phones that are held near your brain.

Dr Oz: Brain Cancer Solutions

Doctor Oz gave the following two Brain Cancer Solutions so that everyone can decrease their risk of getting this terrible cancer:

Brain Cancer Solution #1: Cell Phone Earpiece

Get an earpiece for your cell phone.  The tissue that is held closest to the phone is the tissue that is put at the highest risk, so keep Dr Oz Headache Diaryyour phone as far away from you (and your brain!) as possible.

Brain Cancer Solution #2: Headache Diary

Dr Oz said it is a great idea to keep a two week diary where you can keep track of things like where your headache is, how long the headache lasts, where it is located, if it feels like a migraine, if it responded to over-the-counter medications or not, etc.  Here are the fields that Doctor Oz said you should keep track of in your Headache Diary:

– Date

– Time Headache Started

– Time Headache Ended

– Type of Pain (Dull, Sharp or Throbbing)

– Severity (1-5 where 1 is low and 5 is high)

– Location (front of your head near your eyes or towards the back of your head)

– Treatment

– Effectiveness of the Treatment

– Additional Comments

If your headache pattern is concerning, or you  have seizures or vision loss with your headaches, these signs definitely warrant talking to your doctor.  You may need a MRI scan to help rule out Brain Cancer.

Brain Cancer Solution #3

Dr Oz’s final tip for avoiding Brain Cancer is to avoid eating cooked ham, processed pork and fried bacon.

Dr Oz: Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Dr Oz encouraged everyone to make a donation to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, an organization that is doing cutting edge Brain Cancer research.  You can make a donation online here.

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