Dr Oz Brain Yoga: Pumpkin Seed Oil & Blueberry Concentrate

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Dr Oz Brain Yoga: Pumpkin Seed Oil & Blueberry Concentrate

By on April 15, 2012

Dr Oz & Ron White: 5 Minute Memory Boost

Want to know how to boost your memory? Dr Oz is joined by two-time US Memory Champion, Ron White, to show you the 5-minute miracles to help boost your memory. To test Ron, Dr Oz had him memorize the names of his entire audience. Dr Oz then gave Ron a section to call out and sure enough, he was right.

Dr Oz Ron White

Dr Oz and Ron White spoke about Brain Yoga and memory boosters.

Have you ever met someone and before even finished shaking their hand, you’ve forgotten their name? Ron says the key to memory is focus. Pick out something that catches you about the person. For instance, for Doctor Oz, the first thing he noticed was his eyebrows. Ron then pictured the Wizard of Oz (Dr Oz) and pictured the yellow brick road connecting Dr Oz’s eyebrows. Ron says it’s easy. Just start seeing the name with a picture and do this for 5-minutes each day to help your memory.

If you want to add a little food into it, Ron suggested several brain boosting foods.

Dr Oz: Blueberry Concentrate for Memory

This is Ron’s #1 go-to food. He used to have several bowls of blueberries in his fridge, but now he just drinks the concentrate. The blueberries contain antioxidants to help your memory.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Oil Memory Booster

Pumpkin contains omega 3 fatty acids. Instead of eating a bowl of pumpkin seeds, use the concentrate. Put the seed oil on your salad or pasta. They also contain zinc, which is a great brain food. For a double hit, drink with your blueberry concentrate.

Dr Oz: Apple Chips

Apples are good for memory because they contain an ingredient that helps protect against Alzheimer’s Disease and loss of memory.

Dr Oz: Brain Yoga for Memory

Keep your brain sharp with brain yoga. To do, stick out your thumb on one hand and your pinky on the other. Take turns switching the fingers on each hand. Go as fast as you can. (I tried it and it’s hard!)

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