Dr Oz: Break Your Addiction to Sugar & Fat: Chromium Picolinate

Dr Oz did a segment called Break Your Addiction to Sugar and Fat.  He was joined by Dr Melina Jampolis, a doctor and a nutritionist who is focused on how to lose weight.  Doctor Oz and Dr Jampolis gave a 3 step plan to break your Sugar & Fat Addiction in 28 days!

Dr Oz: Why Are People Addicted to Sugar & Fat?

Dr Oz asked Dr Melina Jampolis what makes people addicted to fat and sugar?  She said that fat and sugar effect the same parts of your brain as cocaine and heroine.  If you are addicted to Dr Oz Sugar & Fat Addiction Plansugar and fat, it can be almost impossible to stop eating and even when you are eating, you may still feel hungry.  A Fat & Sugar Addiction blocks Leptin Hormones, which is the fullness hormone that tells you to stop eating because you are full.  So if Leptin is blocked, no matter how much you eat, you will never feel full, and it is hard to lose weight if you are always hungry.

Dr Oz: Fat & Sugar Addiction

Dr Oz asked Dr Jampolis what we need to do to get rid of a Fat & Sugar Addiction.  She said that you must detoxify your liver.  Your liver can get fat buildup in its cells, which makes it harder to metabolize carbs and fats and to get rid of toxins.  All of these can cause inflammation and Insulin Resistance, plus they can lead to liver damage.

Dr Oz: 3 Step Sugar & Fat Addiction Program in 28 Days

Here is the 3 Step Healthy Detox Program that Dr Oz spoke about with Dr Melina Jampolis:

Dr Oz: Restore Liver with Antioxidants

Dr Oz said that the first step is to restore your liver with antioxidants.  Replace all grains in your diet with Cruciferous Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and radishes.  Dr Jampolis said that if you must have carbs, then you can include it in your breakfast because you burn off more in the morning than you do throughout the rest of the day.  Also, eat Allium Vegetables like onions and leeks which have bio-flavinoids and phyto-nutrients, which act like important vitamins and minerals in your body.

Dr Oz: Chromium Picolinate for Sugar Withdrawal

Dr Jampolis told Dr Oz that there are supplements she prescribes to help people with Fat & Sugar Withdrawal.  You can take 1000 mg of Chromium Picolinate every day to help ween yourself off of a Sugar Withdrawal, because Chromium Picolinate helps insulin to work better in your body.  You should stop taking Chromium Picolinate as soon as you are off of the Sugar Addiction, according to Dr Melina Jampolis.  You can also take a Vitamin B Complex to help you get over your cravings.  B Complex also boosts the Seratonin in your brain and helps with your mood.  Unlike, Chromium Picolinate, Dr Jampolis said that you can take a Vitamin B Complex every day (not just for a short period).

Dr Oz: Red Meat in 4 to 1 Ratio

Dr Jampolis said the final step is to cut sugar and fat, especially transfats, from your diet.  Eat red meat in a 4 to 1 ratio.  So, for every meal that has red meat, eat four meals that are not red meat (like chicken, tofu, or fish).  Also, eat 3 servings of fruit every day, especially deeply colored fruits, because these help to lower inflammation, reduce belly fat, and are packed with antioxidants.


  1. says

    cruciferous vegetable are out unless steamed lst for hypothyroid people…they say its ok to have them this way but limit yourself….would you know what the limit would be . I know the onions and leeks are ok ….but i do not want to over do the cruciferous group , i have been staying away from them because i am a juicing person…and i have naturally stopped adding them to my veggie juices which i think really stinks because they are so nutritious for the body..can you give me some added information to my juicing or to the hypothyroid issue

  2. Joyce Eyjolfson says

    Did Dr. Melina Jampolis mean that 1000gm. or 1000mcg. be used for the liver cleanse? It seems that mg. might be too much.

  3. Deb F. says

    Joyce, I agree with the milligram/microgram. I would have to take chromium pills all day long if it is 1000 milligrams…

  4. Ashley Janiga says

    I am also interested in the answer as to how to detoxify your liver if you are on medication for a slow thyroid If you have to limit the cruciferous vegetables.

  5. sandi says

    How does one detoxify one’s liver if they have irregular GGT, Alkphos and this is a chronic situation for the last 10 years or more. I do not like to have too many veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower,brocolli, etc as they produce a lot of gas and I have had my large intestine removed due to severe colitis,and I can’t eat too many raw veggies. I do not wear a bag, but have an internal pouch….I am overweight about 20 pounds and need to lose this weight as soon as possible. Any suggestions for me?

  6. Jennifer says

    The article mentions, “You can take 1000 mg (milligrams) of Chromium Picolinate every day…” This is not a true statement. 1000 mcg (micrograms) is safe to take daily.

  7. Debbie Barber says

    This detox says to replace grains with cruciferous vegetables for one week. What about the week after? Is it ok to add grains after the first week or not?

  8. says

    I wish they would give a week of sample menus. How do you incorporate the cruciferous vegetables, carbs in the morning, the meat, etc.? It is hard to visualize the menu.

  9. Charles Dimino says

    Is there other uses for chromium picolinate, other then sugar and fat. Do not want to take to much of this, I do not have addition to sugar. How about HDL, CHOLESTAROL, LDL. I am taking Lipitor, Atenolol. 81MGasprin, will there be any issues taking this.


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