Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Risks & Breast Cancer Test Card


Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Card

In the segment “What’s Your Risk For The Cancer You Fear Most?,” Dr Oz mentioned a Susan G. Komen Breast Test Awareness Card that seems very exciting!  Dr Oz said that “This is the one hour that could save your life.”  We know how to diagnose it, treat it, and cure it, but what is the real risk of breast cancer?  Before the end of this show, 23 more women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Every 69 seconds, a woman dies from breast cancer.  It’s what you don’t know about breast cancer that may be putting you at risk.  There are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors and researchers say that the odds you will survive are now 85 percent.


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    In the above list you mention hormone treatments, but nowhere in there is it mentioned that birth control pills mentioned, yes the same progestins and synthetic forms of estrogen found in hormone replacement are found in the contraceptive pills most women in this country consume on a DAILY basis. Ask a breast cancer survivor and you will learn that an alarmingly HIGH number of these women have this same common denominator, long term birth control use. The numbers of pre-menopausal breast cancers being diagnosed are rising at a epidemic rate, ever since the pill came on the market. It use to be that only post menopausal women developed breast cancer. This has changed. Dr. Pike at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center states that one day he believes that this link will be confirmed just as smoking and lung cancer has been linked. Does every person who smokes get lung cancer? No. But ask a lung cancer patient, and chances are they were a smoker. The same is true for the pill and breast cancer survivors, both those with hormone sensitive cancers and triple negative breast cancers. It seems the breast tissues are affected , and proliferate cancer cells either way.

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