Dr Oz: Breast Specific Gamma Imaging & Dense Breast Ultrasound


Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Detection

Dr Oz did a show called Cancer Detectives, which featured two ladies who have devoted their lives to researching advances in Cancer.  One lady studies natural remedies to prevent cancer (click here to read her list of Cancer Fighting Foods) and the other lady is Dr Rachel Brem, who focuses on Breast Cancer Detection.  Dr Brem said that when her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she promised herself that when she grew up, she would do everything she could to make sure that people do not die from Breast Cancer.  Today there are lots of cutting edge technologies like Computer Aided Detection, which is a form of Artificial Intelligence that tells the technician that there seems like a potential problem in a certain location and does an initial scan for signs of Breast Cancer.  Another advance in the area of Breast Cancer is something called Minimally Invasive Biopsy, which uses a needle rather than a knife to do a biopsy, and it can even be done during a lunch break.  Here are two more advances in the area of Breast Cancer Detection that Dr Rachel Brem spoke to Dr Oz about.  Please pass this on to all of the women you know so that together we can help to save some lives!

Dr Oz: Whole Breast Automated Ultra-Sound

Dr Rachel Brem said that the Whole Breast Automated Ultra-Sound is a good test for women with Dense Breasts.  40% ofDr Oz Breast Cancer Technologywomen have Dense Breast Tissue, and this can happen both Pre-Menopausal or Post-Menopausal.  35% of Breast Cancer cannot be detected via Mammography if you have Dense Breasts.  Dr Brem said that having Dense Breasts has nothing to do with if your breasts are perky versus being saggy.  Only through a Mammogram can a radiologist tell you if you have Dense Breasts or not. Dr Brem told Dr Oz that everyone must get a Mammogram every single year starting at the age of 40.

Dr Oz: 3D Ultrasound Breast Test

The Whole Breast Automated Ultra-Sound does not hurt or use radiation, it is the same technology used when you are pregnant to see the baby growing in your womb.  The machine lies gently on your breast and the transducer moves from side-to-side taking several images of your breasts.  Dr Brem showed Dr Oz the difference between the image in a Mammogram, where a woman looks totally fine.  And then she showed a 3-D Ultrasound Image of the same woman, and as you look through the layers of Dense Breast Tissue, you suddenly can see a black dot that is Cancer.  This is an example of one of the 35% of Breast Cancer cases that cannot be found in a Mammogram due to Dense Breast Tissue.  Dr Brem said that you must be your own advocate and ask for this 3D Ultrasound Breast Test if you have Dense Breasts!

Dr Oz: Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI)

Dr Rachel Brem’s second Breast Cancer Technology is the Breast Specific Gamma Imaging Machine (BSGI) or Molecular Breast Imaging Device.  The BSGI is great for very high risk women, such as women who have the gene that makes them prone to getting Breast Cancer.  The Breast Specific Gamma Imaging Device is a physiologic imaging.  Dr Brem said that it is also a great test to have done if you do a Mammogram and they are not sure whether something is Breast Cancer or nothing.

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