Dr Oz & Bret Michaels: 1 in 4 People Have a Hole in Their Heart


Dr Oz received a question from Bret Michaels, as part of the “Ask Dr Oz Celebrity Edition” show.  Brett Michaels had a death scare earlier this year, but is now working hard.  Michaels has a new album out called Custom Built plus a TV show called Life As I Know It.  Brett told Doctor Oz that he already had an emergency appendectomy and a brain hemorrhage this year, but now he needs to have a hole in his heart sewn up.  So the question for Dr Oz is can his body handle yet another serious medical operation?Dr Oz & Brett Michaels Hole in the Heart


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    I just found out at the age of 44 that I have a hole in my heart. At this point tests are showing that I do have an opening allowing blood in. I find out more from my doctor tomorrow. Good Luck to Bret my prayers are with you… Blessings

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