Dr. Oz: Brian & Tiger, an Overweight 12 Year Old, Lose Weight


Dr. Oz brought a 12 year old boy onto his show named Tiger who weighs 222 pounds, while everyone else his age weighs under 100 pounds.  Brian (Tiger’s father) and Marsha (Tiger’s mother) are worried that Tiger is headed down the same dangerous path as his father.  Brian recently had his 5th stint put into his heart and has had lots of heart problems.  Marsha feels like the drill sergeant at home, because it is hard to be the bad guy and keep everyone in line.  But Tiger says that he really needs his parents help to get healthy, because he cannot do it without them.

Tiger said that kids make fun of him and tease him, but he luckily has lots of good friends who stick by his side.  Recently, Tiger’s parents pulled him out of school.  Tiger is sad, emotional and discouraged… but Brian said that Tiger has never failed at anything and he could even be the mayor of the town with how much everyone loves him.  Tiger’s biggest hope for when he goes back to school is that all of the kids who tease him would treat him the same as the other kids.  Tiger knows that he isn’t the only child struggling with weight, so he hopes during his journey that he can inspire a bunch of kids.

Brian & Tiger’s Truth Tube Results:

Brian weighs 293 pounds, has a 52.5″ waist, his a1c level (which says how much sugar is stuck to your red blood cells) is 9 (and a1c levels should be under 6), and Brian’s blood glucose level is 170.


  1. Ann says

    Tiger is an inspiration to so many. He really touched my heart. What a smart, driven, beautiful kid. This weight issue will get under control and he will accomplish great things.

  2. Christy says

    I wieghed 220 pound when I was 11 it is hard to be the “big” kid.People or other kids judge you by whats on the outside instead of whats on the inside.Which stinks for all those other kids because Tiger seems really cool!Now I’m tiger’s age but I weigh a healthier 83 pounds!I know if I can do it Tiger can do it!

  3. Lisa says

    My 12yr old is also overweight. He is 180. I have been trying to find exercises for him to do at home. He is not motivated. He does play baseball and usually drops a few pounds then. He says he would use home workout equipment but of course that cost too much and he is too young for a gym membership. I try and cook healthy but that is also costly on a tight budget. I wish it did not cost so much to be healthy and stay healthy.

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