Dr Oz: Bristol Stool Chart: Runny Poop vs Hard Poop & Psyllium Fiber

By on May 2, 2012

Dr Oz: Healthy Poop Secret Weapon

Did you know your poop could be sending you hidden health signals? On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you how hard or soft stool could be telling you something. Plus, he also showed you how to get that perfect “S” shaped poop.

Dr Oz Heart-to-Heart

Dr Oz spoke about the Bristol Stool Chart to be sure your poop is healthy.

If you have runny or hard poop, don’t worry! Dr Oz gave you the one simple solution that can fix both.

Bristol Stool Chart

Yvette, an audience member, told Dr Oz she pooped 1-2 times per day. Sometimes it was hard and other times it was soft.

Doctor Oz says to assess the health of your poop, you should use the Bristol Stool Chart.
If your numbers are;

1-3- You probably have constipation. Your stool comes out in separate lumps and you don’t go every day.
4-5-This is the perfect poop. It’s smooth and the right shade.
6-7-This is the watery stool that contains very little shape. (Diarrhea)

Yvette told Dr Oz that she was a 4-5, but recently her stool has been runny, which put her at a been 6-7.

Dr Oz: Runny Poop vs. Hard Poop

For runny poop, when water enters the colon, it is supposed to get sucked out, but doesn’t because it’s going through so quickly. This is caused by artificial sweeteners, allergies, sickness etc… When this happens, you may not be getting enough fiber.

For harder poop, water is moving through the colon at a slow pace because you didn’t drink enough water. You also may not have had enough fiber, so the poop sits around and then eventually comes out in clumps.

Psyllium Fiber Dosage

The common solution for runny and hard poop is fiber. Dr Oz says you should get 25 grams per day. The average American gets only 10-15 g of fiber per day.

In order to eat 25 g of fiber, you would need to consume one of the following;

10 oranges
6 baked sweet potatoes
12 slices whole wheat bread

Dr Oz: Metamucil Dosage

If that sounds like a lot of food too you, get your psyllium fiber through Metamucil. Take 1Tbsp of Metamucil and add to 1C of water. Mix and let sit for 10 minutes before drinking.

Metamucil forms a gel in your body and traps waste so it doesn’t allow your body to absorb it—which gives you the perfect “S” shaped poop. You want 7 g per day, which is 3 daily doses.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Bristol Stool Chart: Runny Poop vs Hard Poop & Psyllium Fiber

  1. calisse says:

    Thanks for the personal/educational information, many of us still wont ask the doc; or the doc doesn’t particularly want to hear it either :-)

  2. A guest author or comments from his book. I can’t find it in my mail. He spoke on upon getting up with in 30 min. eat some protein and or take a cold shower.Pleases help me find which post this was. Thank you so very much

  3. kim elliott says:

    a few days ago i saw an video that was on facebook about what your stool shape may be telling our bodies-constipation ect…now i cannot find it can you give me info on this subject to my email above

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