Dr Oz: Brown Seaweed Pills Burns Belly Fat


Dr Oz: Seaweed Pills

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Stacey, an audience member, who stated that she had been to the ocean once. Dr Oz told Stacey (and the audience) that seaweed was an item that had been consumed a lot in different parts of the world, however, brown seaweed was has potent powers to burn belly fat—but only if you eat it. To get the full advantages of brown seaweed, Dr Oz suggested taking 500 mg per day. Brown seaweed also contained ingredients to help lessen liver fat. (A bonus!)

Dr Oz: Brown Seaweed Pills

To demonstrate this idea, Dr Oz performed an experiment. Dr Oz Seaweed Pills He had 2 hanging circles labeled “belly fat.” Dr Oz lit the first circle and it burned slowly. He added seaweed to the second circle and lit that. It burned quickly. This showed that while you will lose weight without seaweed, adding seaweed will help you burn the fat much quicker. Stacey stated that she had kids that didn’t like to eat what she did while on a diet. (What? You mean kids don’t like card board pasta and carrot sticks? Go figure!) Dr Oz informed Stacey that dark licorice with brown seaweed could accelerate the fat burning benefits. Take 2 mgs of a black licorice supplement in combination with the seaweed supplement in order to burn fat much faster. Black licorice also improved your blood glucose levels by 9%. Caveat: Do not eat if you have high blood pressure.


  1. Michelle says

    Where do you purchase Brown Seaweed Pills? I did a quick google search and it doesn’t seem like an easy find. I tried GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods unsuccessfully.

  2. Lynn says

    I too, am also interested in knowing where to buy the pills. Someone said GNC doesn’t have it so where else can we look? Also what dose should I take? Does a particular brand matter?

  3. Mary says

    I found one called Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract which I believe has a better potency.
    Bought 2 bottles on TaoOfHerbs.com . Good luck with your search!

  4. says

    I typed brown seaweed in the search window (google) and it took me to amazon vitamins. Its there, about 40.00 – 95.00 for 500mg. caps

  5. Dee says

    I am a little worried. I take medication for type II diabetes and high blood pressure and medication for cholesterol, so I am curious…. will this pill have an effect on me or not, or should I even take it?

  6. Benjamin says

    Brown seaweed will balance your body even while you are taking meds. Remember, brown seaweed is a sea veggie.

  7. Michael says

    Hello everyone- just want to give you all a note that Kelp is a brown seaweed and if you just buy kelp will cost less. And will give you the same result that Dr. Oz said on his show.

  8. says

    Kelp is very good for many body ailments. I used to have a problem with being tired all the time..and Kelp helped me break out of that. It is very good for putting more fiber in your diet to help with constipation..and hemmorroids. It helped my eyes and made my ears stop ringing.Leg aches..very good for that too. Its known as a Body Regulator..and I actually had a Doctor to recommend it to me. That is a chiropractic doctor.

  9. carie says

    I am using brown seaweed extract that is found in Fucothin, made by Garden of Life. It is helping to reduce my belly fat. It works for me! The Vitamin Shoppe in our town sells it.

  10. annmarie gadbois says

    I’ve been trying to find brown seaweed and black licorice you had a show on? Where can I buy both I wasn’t seeing any bottles of the seaweed you showed on the show?

  11. Elizabeth Head says

    Dr Oz,
    where do you buy Brown Seaweed as mentioned on your show? do you have a company that you it you cannot buy it at the health food stores, please help us.
    Thank you Dr
    Elizabeth Head

  12. Ruth says

    I live in Ontario, Canada. Where can I buy brown seaweed pills. I went to a health specialist store and they had pills with the name of “Chlorella, Spiralina and Chloressense”. Are these pills brown seaweed – just listed by a different name?. Also, in most cases, you were to take 3 – 5 a day, 500 mg. Is this correct?

  13. Alex says

    I am not a pill taker, but I like to bathe in brown seaweed. Because your skin is your largest organ, so can absorb the nutrients of the fucoidan through the skin. The Seaweed Bath Co. has a few baths made with bladderwrack seaweed that I love. Actually, a few weeks back, Dr. Oz recommend seaweed baths for cellulite and that’s where I got the idea!

  14. Terri says

    You are suppose to take 500 mg of the Brown Seaweed……NO LICORICE if you have high blood pressure.

  15. Janice says

    Is it safe to take the brown seaweed supplement if you are taking high blood pressure medicine? Or is it not safe to take the black licorice with the high blood pressure meds?

  16. says

    Hey everyone, brown seaweed is really great for your body like Dr. OZ said. After doing some research, I found that the most potent form of seaweed (brown) is something called Limu. It’s broken down into a liquid form, so great for people who like to get their seaweed without taking pills, like me! You can get it from this site: rashaan.iamlimu.com/wellness

  17. Dennis says

    Brown Seaweed is such a vague name for so many species. It can be known as Kelp, it can be known as Bladderwrack, Sargassum, Laminaria. What all of these have in common is they are sources of iodine. So yes, supplementing our bodies with an extra source of iodine can help stimulate our thyroid and jump start weight loss.I wish that is what he was saying instead of just generically saying take “brown seaweed.” It would make it much easier for his viewers to make an informed choice. Combining it with licorice will help give it a boost as well. Like he said though, do not take licorice if you have high blood pressure, it will raise it. If you can not find brown seaweed in your stores, look for Bladderwrack or Kelp, these are all Brown Seaweed. Fucoxanthin is very specific Brown Algae which he may have been referencing but not giving the correct name for. It also has weight loss properties and Garden of Life does carry a supplement called Fucothin with it in it.

  18. Thyrene says

    I’ve used the extract myself, and I’ve lost 8 lbs in 5 weeks. Call toll free service for great info on the extract. Friendly staff . 1-866-503-7116

  19. Michelle says

    RGarden has a terrific product. The site is rgarden.ca if I recall. I used it for 4 years for metal detox from my dental fillings. Really effective

  20. Cari says

    Thanks for all the great information on where to purchase the product. I’ll be anxious to hear all the results from the products, so please post and keep us all updated. Thanks
    Happy Holidays!

  21. says

    So where do you buy it and all the other questions pertaining to this Brown / Black Seaweed from Dr. Oz show. I really believe he should have on his website all anticipated answers to products of this nature that are segmented accordingly! Or simply don’t mention them! This isn;’t the first time I have had trouble wityh products he has had on his show. Ask me about this Transformationh program with Weight Watchers, as Weight Watchers has modified their program this month _– Big Time !!!!!!! I cannot even get my weight recorded in the Share program – is this a real program for ALL !!!! -CMarie

  22. Chris says

    You most likely will not find any stores carrying “Brown Seaweed Pills” since it is not what vendors that offer this item call it. The products that have brown seaweed will be called Fuco – something – I.E. Fucothin or Fucoburn, Fucoxanthin, etc. Any other these are Brown Seaweed Pills. As far as Black licorice goes, you most likely won’t find “BLACK” licorice pills either…..you will Find Licorice Root capsules, tinctures and tea. This is what Dr. OZ recommended for blood pressure regulation.

  23. Gina H. says

    I live on Vancouver Island and I just purchased FucoTHIN and Licorice tincture at a local componding Pharmacy. When I asked the Natropath/pharmacist about it, he didn’t know but then finally looked it up on the computer and this was what he said was “Brown Seaweed” it also has Pomagranted seed oil in it. It cost $69.95(Canadian) for the FucoThin (90 pills) and $30.00 for the licorice. Probably not the cheapest, but it is a start….

  24. Carmichael Craig says

    Don’t be fooled…. Fucoidan and fucoxanthin are two different things…. Most of these pills advertised have only small amounts of fucoxanthin like 5 to 20mg…. Dr. OZ recommended 500mg a day… I read an earlier post that said Tao of Herbs had the real deal…I checked and it seems like they really do have 500mg pills of pure fucoxanthin….

    I ordered one bottle and will see…..

  25. Chris says

    People please listen. I work at a GNC. We have many excellent products containing brown seaweed or have a very similar effect. Most of these products will work as well or better than unrefined brown seaweed pills. We spend many hours researching products to find what will best help each individual customer meet their lifestyle goals, and it is very belittling and offensive to most associates to be told they are wrong because “Dr. Oz says”.

    Ask about abcuts green and t7 chrome. Both of these have wakame extract, which is essentially brown seaweed. Associates can also point you to dozens of other excellent products that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    By the way, this is coming from me personally. I obviously don’t represent GNC as a company

  26. Carmichael Craig says

    Chris, I just checked the GNC website…. They have one product with Fucoxanthin in it and they refuse to tell the amount of Fucoxanthin in the product…. It could have trace amounts or 1,000mg… I suspect since they wont divulge the amount it’s closer to trace amounts… Stores like GNC give the vitamin industry a bad name!!!!

  27. Chris says

    What you said is not only false, but also rude. Associates at GNC spend their time learning how best assist their customers, who I might add are complete strangers, achieve their life goals. To say they are ignorant or their job is unimportant or there company gives a bad name or that their suggestions are ineffective or invalid because they do not match exactly what a doctor on a television show said is very demeaning to an associate as a human being.

    Secondly, there are three products in my (small) store alone that have Fucoxanthin, and not all of them are proprietary. Those ingredients aren’t listed simply for the fad credit. They’ve been around longer than Dr. Oz. So what you said is also untrue.

    Brown seaweed is not the only thing that helps burn belly fat. We have countless items in the store that do that.

    Also, do a little bit of research and you’ll find that GNC is the majority of the in-store vitamin industry and the single largest company in the online vitamin industry. It didn’t become number one by having ignorant associates and in effective products.

  28. Carmichael Craig says

    False…. Really??? Go to the website you corporate shill… The fact you have supplements that don’t provide truth in labeling says it all….. All true!!!!

    I’m just a consumer, your stores are for the uniformed and foolish who want to waist their money…..

  29. Carmichael Craig says

    False…. Really??? Go to the website you corporate shill… The fact you have supplements that don’t provide truth in labeling says it all….. All true!!!!

    I’m just a consumer, your stores are for the uniformed and foolish who want to waist their money….. Shop your local health food store. You will find better informed employees and you will be shopping local….

    Not giving your money to idiots like the fool above….. Priceless :-))

  30. Chris says

    You must feel pretty manly insulting people and spreading misinformation on something you obviously know nothing about from the safety of anonymity. Keyboards make you feel powerful, don’t they?

    I help people. You just insult them.

  31. Chris says

    Furthermore, you actually believe that eating less than a table spoon of grass pulled out of the ocean once day because the man on the television told you to will actually make you thinner.

    Read that a few more times. Realize how radical and irrational that sounds. THEN call me an idiot again.

  32. bob says

    How are my comments ignorant? By having a little fun pointing out your spelling errors?
    You must be one angry little( or extraordinarily big) man, Carmichael!

  33. Karen says

    I bought some at my local Hy-Vee grocery store, in their great health food section. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the licorice supplement liquid drops, but capsules instead. So it’s hard to know how much to take. I also found kelp there. Both are from Nature’s Way, and it was cheaper than buying them online (on most of the sites I saw) with the shipping cost.

    The kelp was $7.39, 100 capsules, 660 mg each. Since Dr. Oz recommends 500 mg/day, I’ll take one a day, which is what the bottle says anyway, and actually goes on to say NOT to exceed recommended dose.

    The licorice root was $5.97, 100 capsules, 440 mg each. The bottle says 3 capsules, 3x/day, but that sounds like way too much. Not sure how to equate the capsules to the 2 drops of liquid per day that Dr. Oz recommended, but I’ll take one per day.

  34. Karen says

    By the way: since there’s no way to quantify anyone’s results from using these products, without a controlled study, I’ll just wish everyone luck! These supplements also purport to have other health benefits, so it seemed worth trying at least one bottle of each.

  35. Steve says

    GNC is a rip off. You can get ALL your stuff waaaaaay cheaper online. All the GNCs Ive been to are staffed with fat idiots. Just sayin….

  36. sam says

    Brown sea weed pills are at vitamin shoppe and at whole food store the question is not about the bsw, but it is about black licorice GO get brown sea weed for vitamin shppe they are on sale………….. have fun

  37. Marcy says

    How about a Chinese food store. Probably very cheap and you can also buy seaweed salt. You might check that out for a small price. Don’t fall for a lot of hype.

  38. Joanna says

    I love the info and I saw the show… but when will someone explain how to “take it”? Do I put the drops in water? Do I drink it with the dropper? Can someone elaborate, or does it not matter?

  39. kristina says

    ok i want to buy this stuff but i c so many diff brands ext… can someone explain to me whatexactly to get and from where.. i would like both

  40. Carmichael Craig says


    I have been searching for weeks with not much luck… I found Fuco Pure 225 mg 90 capsules! that actually has 225mg of fucoxanthin… But now I see it’s out of stock….

    Try a search for that…. What I have found is most of these sites and supplements are total scams… Either they refuse to say how much fucoxanthin is in their product or when they do it’s 5 to 10 mg when you need 400-500mg for it to be affective… Don’t buy anything unless your absolutely sure it contains either 200 to 400mg of 100% pure Fucoxanthin…. And check the spelling… Some sites change the spelling slightly to try and fool you!!!

    I noticed most of the information about fucoxanthin is a few years old. I think the companies producing fucoxanthin had problems doing it at the right price point as their products are no longer available….

    The liquorish extract can be found in any good local health food store… Good luck


  41. Sarah says

    Yes Garden of Life, Fucothin works for me, I still have to exercise it seems, but in conjunction it works faster. I’ve been taking it off and on for a few years, more consistant in the past year. Beware if any of you ladies are on any kind of hormones, if you are taking licorice. I found out that I cannot take the licorice due to being on hormones. Just read up on it. The Fucothin however can be taken!

  42. Cecily says

    I use Nature Only Brown Seaweed. I bought it at Vitamin World and paid $14.99 + tax. Don’t know what its doing but I am releasing a lot of fluid.

  43. Kate says

    I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and I have gained weight, not lost any. I think the licorice root is the culprit!

  44. Angel says

    I got mines from Amazon.com. I can say that after losing a pound a day I am a believer. I’ve been doing the same thing and getting little results, but after adding brown seaweed and licorice root extract the weight has been falling off. I’m excited!!!!!!

  45. Angel says

    Oh and in order to combat the water retention. . . . . . Drink more water lol. You’ll have water weight for few days then it’ll go away

  46. Alice says

    Hi everyone, I have purchased the Fuco Pure and the label stated that it is made from 100% pure wakame Seaweed from the sea of Japan by a Patented extraction process, producing the highest quality and potency 10% extract of Fucoxanthin. Which means it contains only 10% of fucoxanthin.

    Please can anyone advice if this will helps to reduce my weight?

    Thank you very much.


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