Dr. Oz: Bruise Basics & Arnica Bruise Cure & Home Remedy

By on April 1, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on bruises to teach us home remedies and cures to make bruises hurt less and to make your bruises disappear faster.  Plus, did you know that a bruise could be a sign of something more serious?

Dr. Oz first explained what causes bruising and why bruises make your skin change color.  When something hits you, the blood vessels next to your skin break down and form a puddle deep within your skin, which seeps towards the surface as it metabolizes, and thus changes the color of your skin.  Dr. Oz said that older people bruise more easily since their capillaries are thinner.  You may also bruise more easily if you take coumadin, aspirin, or steroids, which all make your capillaries more fragile.  Certain herbs, especially ginkgo, ginseng and glucosamine (the “g” herbs) can make you bruise more easily too.  However, if you have unexplained bruising on your belly (especially with back pain), then you should see your doctor because it could be a case of bad pancreatitis, leukemia or major trauma.

Dr. Oz’s Home Remedies for Bruises

1. Frozen Vegetables or Frozen Peas

A bag of frozen veggies, especially frozen peas, makes a great ice pack!  Layer the bag over a towel if you find it too cold.

2.  Pineapples

The propylene in pineapples can help your bruise to heal faster.

3.  Papaya

Papaya can help reduce the swelling of your bruise.

4.  Arnica

Dr. Oz says that he regularly uses Arnica Cream and Arnica Pills to ease sore muscles and to heal bruises. Arnica dilates your blood vessels so that the healing power of your blood can come through!  If you don’t have any in your house, definitely add Arnica to your medicine cabinet!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Bruise Basics & Arnica Bruise Cure & Home Remedy

  1. glucosmaine is not a herb. Where did this information come from?

  2. Luke R. Bucci, PhD CCN CNS says:

    Glucosamine DOES NOT cause bruising and is not associated with bruising. In millions of human-years of use for the last thirty years, and dozens of human clinical studies, and post-marketing drug surveillance in Europe, there has never been any association between glucosamine and bruising. Glucosamine is not an anticoagulant, and in fact, has studies in animals and humans that it enhances and/or speeds healing of skin wounds. If anything, glucosamine may help resolve bruising. After personally spending over 25 years on the science of glucosamine, writing two books on the topic in the 1990s, and being the chief science officer for a supplement company that makes glucosamine-containing products, I feel that I am more than qualified to set the record straight about glucosamine and bruising. There has been, is and will not be any association between glucosamine and bruising. No science exists to show that glucosamine has caused bruising. Please make a correction to this unsupportable statement.

  3. Luke R. Bucci, PhD CCN CNS says:

    Maybe Dr. Oz meant Garlic, not Glucosamine. Garlic is an herb. Glucosamine is not an herb, and is found on and in every cell we have.

  4. I believe Dr. Oz meant that taking herbs or supplements like glucosamine can make it easier for you to bruise yourself… but the herb or supplement itself does not actually cause bruises. Since we are not Dr. Oz, we cannot talk on his behalf to clarify what he meant, but this would be my guess. We will submit an inquiry to Dr. Oz about this though!

  5. Please let us know if you hear back from the Dr Oz show. There are a lot of elderly people out there concerned about taking their glucosamine.

  6. Dr. Oz really explained bruising well on the show. The demonstration of bruising and the release of blood products outside of the blood vessels and into the tissue really showed how bruises form after surgery or injury. The only product that contains two of the active ingredients that Dr. Oz speaks about is a medicated ointment stick called BruiseStick. After injury, its best to apply the ointment twice or three times a day.

  7. By the way, the pineapple extract for bruises that Dr. Oz spoke about is Bromelain. It, along with Arnica, is found in the medication Bruise-Stick that can be applied onto the skin after injury.

  8. Carolyn says:

    I would like Dr Oz best advice on brand of Arnica cream or ointment to purchase.
    I’m pretty sure he can’t endorse actual brand names on the show.
    Thanks for your help.

  9. I bruise easily, a hereditary condition, I’m told. Lately, since my estrogen has been reduced from .750 to .50mg, I have increased frequency of broken blood vessels in the congunctiva of one eye. Eye doc says don’t worry. Tumeric may produce this result . Pineapple and Bromelain can be ingested to speed healing of bruises.
    Vit E is a blood thinner, so is Fish Oil. When do antioxidants begin to be a bruising problem? I’m 70.

  10. Are you sure DR. Oz uses Arnica? If you read most web sites (including cancer society) it clearly states it is posionous if taken internally and has many side effects on the skin..

  11. Just saw a replay of this episode and he does say Glucosamine, along with other herbs *could* increase bruising. But he didn’t go into detail.
    As Dr Bucci stated, Glucosamine on it’s own does not cause bruising. But he is incorrect that it’s not associated with bruising. It’s *very* well established that Glucosamine can cause increased bruising and bleeding when used in conjunction with other medications and supplements by increasing the effectiveness and/or absorption of those substances. Most notably: warfarin, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil and vitamin E.

  12. I have been using arnica gel or oil for many years as a topical salve for pain and bruising.
    This year I had a sledding accident , got totally bruised down my right side. When I got home I started using arnica 3 days after the accident. I was in so much pain around my rib area.
    After 2 days of using the arnica the pain had subsided 80% and the bruising was almost gone.
    This week a bruised my elbow the size of a tangerine right on the end, grabbed my arnica 2 days later the bruise is totally gone. Best stuff in my first aid kit, Arnica gel. TGFA !

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