Dr Oz: Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower & Feminine Odor Bacteria


Dr Oz: Bathroom Secrets

Dr Oz talked about secrets women keep from their doctors and how they could affect your health. He took the conversation into the bathroom to help give us some health answers. Find out whether brushing your teeth in the shower is safe, and what to do about feminine odors.

Dr Oz: Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower

Dr Oz: Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower & Feminine Odor Bacteria

Dr Oz answered audience questions about brushing your teeth in the shower, bacterial risks from treatments for feminine odor, and do it yourself disasters.



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    I’m not sure I see how the shower head sprays more bacteria than the bathtub sink faucet. What is the source of this additional bacteria?

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    I agree with Valerie. That’s a load of BS. Because when I wash my hands in the bathroom sink after a tiny bit of fecal matter ended up on my finger tip from a power-wipe that caused a blowout in the toilet paper, my hands are within inches of the faucet potentially ricocheting droplets loaded with hepatitis-causing bacteria that may eventually work its way along the rim of the faucet and have just enough weight to hang there until the next unsuspecting tooth brush dives into the sink bowl and the faucet is turned on causing that droplet to wedge itself into the bristles just enough so it only releases in your mouth and gets shoved between your teeth and into your gums.

    Never brushing my teeth in the bathroom sink ever again.

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