Dr Oz: Buckwheat Honey, Date Sugar & Agave Nectar: Sugar Substitutes

By on November 9, 2011

Dr Oz: Sugar Substitutes

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Lynn and Maureen, who were best friends, to compete in a Dr Oz’s Best Sugar Substitute Quiz.  Lynn stated that she loves the low calorie substitute Splenda while Maureen uses sugar, eating a few Tbsps per day.  Take the quiz to find out how much you know about sugar substitutes.

Dr Oz Agave Nectar:


1. Which is the best sugar substitute in a cold drink? Dr Oz Date Sugar
a. Brown rice syrup
b. Agave nectar

Lynn buzzed in first.  She guessed agave nectar because it was a sweeter syrup.  The correct answer is Agave nectar.  Lynn was correct!  Agave nectar is made from the heated sap of the agave plant and is 40 percent sweeter than regular sugar so you’ll eat less of it.  Lynn won a full year supply of agave nectar.

Dr Oz Date Sugar:

2. Which is the best sugar substitute for baking?
a. Beet sugar
b. Date sugar

Maureen buzzed in first and chose date sugar.  She was right!  Date sugar contains fiber, iron, and potassium.  Beet sugar is just refined white sugar.  Maureen won a package of date sugar and some Dr Oz cooking mitts and baking pans.

Dr Oz Buckwheat Honey:

3. Which is the best sugar substitute in a hot drink?
a. Buckwheat honey
b. Coconut syrup

Maureen buzzed in first and chose buckwheat honey.  The correct answer is buckwheat.  She’s right!  Buckwheat honey is sweeter than sugar so you’ll eat less.  Buckwheat honey is also rich in iron and has anti-oxidants.  Coconut syrup is high in sugar.  Maureen won a coffee maker.

How did you do?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Buckwheat Honey, Date Sugar & Agave Nectar: Sugar Substitutes

  1. Jill Holter says:

    In yesterday segment on sugar substitutes, it was said what the best substitutes are for certain things (ie cold drinks, baking, and hot drinks). To follow up on this, if a person is actually going to substitute regular refined sugar with one of these natural products, what is the equal exchange rate? Especially for the purpose of baking. Please reply.


    Jill Holter

  2. Honey equivalent measurements
    Cups Grams Ounces Tablespoons
    ⅛ cup of honey 42.5 gram 1.5 ounce 2 tbl.sp
    ¼ cup of honey 85 gram 3 ounce 4 tbl.sp
    ⅓ cup of honey 113.3 gram 4 ounce 5.3 tbl.sp
    ⅜ cup of honey 127.5 gram 4.5 ounce 6 tbl.sp
    ½ cup of honey 170 gram 6 ounce 8 tbl.sp
    ⅝ cup of honey 212.5 gram 7.5 ounce 10 tbl.sp
    ⅔ cup of honey 226.7 gram 8 ounce 10.7 tbl.sp
    ¾ cup of honey 255 gram 9 ounce 12 tbl.sp
    ⅞ cup of honey 297.5 gram 10.5 ounce 14 tbl.sp
    1 cup of honey 340 gram 12 oz 16 tbl.sp
    1 1/3 cup of honey 16 oz
    6 2/3 cups 5 pounds

  3. Great Honey Equivalent Measurements Chart! Thanks for the addition @Monika!!!

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