Dr Oz: Bunion Busters: Yoga Toes, Bunion Splints & Bunion Causes

Doctor Oz did a segment on Bunion Busters.  Are the shoes you are wearing helping or harmful with respect to bunions?  Bunions are painful bumps on the side of your foot around the base of your big toe.  Dr Oz’s assistant of the day had horrible bunions and said she has a hard time getting shoes.  Her bunion was red and raised, and probably one of the worst bunions I have ever seen.  I feel so badly for her, I hope she gets some relief soon! Dr Oz: Yoga Toes

Causes of Bunions

Dr Oz said that heredity or ill fitting shoes can cause bunions, but the most easy one to fix is of course which shoes you wear.

Bunion Busters:

Short Heels & Wide Toe Box

Dr Oz said that to prevent bunions in the first place, or to keep your bunions from getting worse, it helps to skip high heels and pointy toe shoes.  Instead, look for shorter heels with a wider more boxy toe.

Yoga Toes, Splints & Custom Soles

Dr Oz said that you can get relief from your bunions by using yoga toes, which is a rubbery device that separates out all of your toes.  I have to admit that I have a yoga toes, and it does actually help me, but you have to get used to it because it is not terribly comfortable at first.  You can also put a cushion on your bunions or use a splint to move the bone back to where it should be which will help to get rid of the bunion.

Topical Pain Relievers: Aspirin & Ibuprofen

Dr Oz said that Aspirin and Ibuprofen can help with the pain and swelling, and of course an ice pack can also help with the swelling.

Cortisone Creams or Cortisone Shot

Your podiatrist can give you a shot of cortisone or you can use some topical cortisone creams to help reduce the swelling of your bunions.

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