Dr Oz: Burnout vs Stress & Cortisol Saliva Test


Dr Oz Burnout Syndrome

Dr Oz said that the higher your score on the Great American Stress Test, the higher your risk for getting Burnout.  Dr Holly Atkinson joined Doctor Oz to talk about the three most common symptoms of Burnout, the difference between High Stress and Burnout and the three best things you can do to help reduce chronic stress.

Dr Oz: Burnout Symptoms

Dr Holly Atkinson said that the following are the three most common Burnout Symptoms: Dr Oz Burn Out

Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional Exhaustion is feeling drained and like you do not even have enough energy to give energy to the relationships that you would want to nurture.


If you feel detached from people or like you are in a mechanical mode, then that could be a sign of Depersonalization.

Sense Of Diminished Personal Accomplishments

So you get a feeling that you aren’t contributing to the world?  Or you aren’t living up to your own standards (like you are not a good enough parent, spouse, lover, etc.)?  These are all signs of a diminished sense of your personal accomplishments.


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    ON Sepember 13, 2010 Ted Hunter 41, anaesthesiologist — Montreal Childrens Hospital, Quebec self injected due to burnout. I am his mother and we are devastated.

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