Dr Oz: Butt Implants, Silicone Injections & Thread Lifts: Dangerous?

By on November 19, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on Dangerous Plastic Surgery procedures that we should avoid.  Do you know what Plastic Surgery You Should Never Try?  Doctor Oz was joined by Arthur Perry who said that plastic surgery is a consumer driven field and things are often released onto the market before proving that they are effective and safe.  Some plastic surgery operations are not even done by doctors, but are offered at spas. Dr Oz Plastic Surgery You Should Never Try

Dr Oz: Butt Implants – Dangerous Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz asked which of the following plastic surgeries should you never do: Buttocks Implants vs Buttocks Lift?  He said that you should never do a Butt Implant.  A while ago, Dr Oz ran into a woman at the hospital who said that her daughter had stopped at a rest station off of the NJ Turnpike to get a Butt Implant, and the material they injected went into her vein and up into her lung, so she was in the ICU in the hospital dying.  That story is completely haunting!

Dr Oz showed how Butt Implants come in different sizes and are made up of silicone, but your body sees them as foreign and so your body walls it off with scars.  Dr Perry said that the scarring makes the butt implants very hard so it is like sitting on a rock all day long.  Plus, after having the butt implants placed over the muscles of your buttocks, you cannot sit for 3 weeks.  Our sister site (Opinion Queen) is going to be reviewing some butt boosting and enhancing panties shortly (a MUCH safer alternative to Butt Implants), so definitely sign up to receive the e-mails so that you do not miss out!

Dr Oz: Silicone Injections – Dangerous Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz’s next dangerous plastic surgery question was which is dangerous: Silicone Injections vs Hyaluronic Acid Injections?  Dr Oz said that Silicone Injections are dangerous and suggested that Hyaluronic Acid Injections are a better option for people who want to plump up their lips.  The problem with silicone is that if there is a problem, it is permanent and celebrities like Priscilla Presley have come out publicly to warn about the big problems they have had.  You can end up with lumps of silicone in your lips and you may not be able to close your mouth properly.

Dr Oz: Thread Lift – Dangerous Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz asked which is a more dangerous plastic surgery: Thread Lift vs Face Lift?  Dr Oz said that you should never try a Thread Lift, and after hearing the details of this, I can totally understand why.  Thread Lifts sound nice in theory because in 1 hour you can have little stitches with hooks embedded into the tissue of your face that lifts the facial tissue up so you appear younger and with fewer wrinkles.  However, Dr Arthur Perry said that all too often this fails, and so you can wake up one morning with half of your face up and the other half down.  Plus, over time, your skin thins out and you can actually start to see the strings underneath your skin and it looks like piano strings or stripes.

Dr Oz’s Plastic Surgery advice in general was not to have it done by someone that you cannot research.  If you have a strange feeling, go with your gut instincts and find a different plastic surgeon!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Butt Implants, Silicone Injections & Thread Lifts: Dangerous?

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  3. Anonymous User says:

    Off topic & spam replies suck.

  4. Phyllis says:

    Hi watching Dr Oz a week or so back he spoke of the new thread vein injection can anybody remember what date that was or indeed what the vaccine was? Hope somebody can help.

  5. Phyllis says:

    incidentally I am watching this programme in Turkey

  6. I think Dr. Oz’s show was right on 2 of the three — threading face lifts and butt implants. I don’t think they portrayed silicone injections properly though.
    They used industrial silicone in their example but failed to mention that there IS a silicone product that is FDA approved and it is used by ophthalmologists when injecting it into retinas.
    This “medical-grade” silicone is not even close to what they talked about and I know that having “medical-grade” silicone used in your lips (and ONLY your lips) is a viable way to “plump up” one’s lips. The silicone is permanent and is an amazing product if used “off label” by a SKILLED plastic surgeon. There’s a surgeon in Chicago that has been doing it for years and has never had any issues, since he used it properly. Most doctors will tell you that it’s not safe, etc, but that isn’t the case. To use the medical-grade silicone, it must be administered with many, many injections. It isn’t administered like the other fillers. To say that it’s not safe and that you’ll get horrible results, just isn’t the truth.

  7. Hey,
    can you give me full details of that Dr. in chicago? Am really intrested in this procedure.
    Contacts and how to get to him.

  8. If you’ll post a comment on my blog on one of my posts, I’ll have your email and I’ll send you the information privately. D

  9. Hi
    I got silicone injected about a year ago and i haven’t had any problems…… it just worries me that so many people have issues with silicone injections. I’m 22 and healthy i had the silicon injected d in my butt(i regret)bc I’m not sure of the future.:) so wish me luck,becausefrom that its not just something you can change without major issues.

  10. I just really want some help my b’day diss month next year i wanted butt implants so i can look thicker I’m thin i only wanted to spend somewhere from 3000 not a arm or leg in that’s safe so can y’all help iam in Houston

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