Dr Oz: Butterflies In Your Stomach Remedies: Peppermint Tablets

Dr Oz: Stomach Butterflies

Dr Oz answered a great question today – why do you get a butterflies in your stomach sometimes?  And what are some remedies to help prevent Stomach Butterflies?  Doctor Oz said that you often get butterflies in your tummy when lots of things are going on in your life and you go into a “Fight or Flight” response mode.  The “butterfly” feeling is actually caused by one of two things, either a change in hormones within your body or a stop in your blood supply flowing to your stomach.

Dr Oz: What Causes Butterflies In  Your Stomach?

Dr Oz said that our system has evolved to deal with the stress in our lives.  He did a demonstration to explain exactly what causes the butterflies in your Dr Oz Stomach Butterfliesstomach.  Imagine a bike represents your digestive system, the person on the bike represents your brain and a blender hooked-up to the bike represents your stomach.  When you get anxiety about going to work on Monday morning, you slowly start pedaling the bike which turns on the blender on low.  When you have a fight with your husband a few hours later, your sympathetic nerve system kicks in and before you know it, your digestive system is going crazy as the blender flies into high-speed.  And voila – you have butterflies in your stomach!

Dr Oz: Peppermint Tablets & Lavender Tea

Doctor Oz said that one Stomach Butterflies Remedy is to take one Peppermint Tablet 2-3 times per day.  The menthol in the Peppermint Tablet can calm the digestive system.  The second remedy is to try drinking Lavender Tea daily, because it can help reduce the anxiety that you feel.


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    Hi Dr Oz

    A friend just tweeted me that you were saying good things about lavender tea 🙂 I have a lavender blog and did an article on lavender tea a few weeks ago. Great to hear you are spreading the word about the lovely lavender too.

    It has so many uses and this is just one of them. Glad my friend let me know about this post.

    Patricia Perth Australia

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