Dr Oz: Camel Milk Diabetes Cure & Wild Animal Lifesavers


Dr Oz: Disease Cures from Wild Animals

Dr Oz did a segment of four Animal Lifesavers, because some of the world’s wildest animals may hold the secret to curing diseases and saving lives.  Doctor Oz was joined by an Animal Ambassador for Sea World at Busch Gardens, who brought with her a camel, penguins, a sloth and a vulture.

Dr Oz: Vultures Kill Diseases

Doctor Oz’s first question was what bird is known for eating its prey and preventing the spread of diseases: vultures, eagles or owls?  The answer is that Dr Oz Camel Milk Cures Diabetesvultures help to prevent diseases, because they can eat Anthrax. Botulism and many diseases without getting sick themselves.  They are “Nature’s Recyclers” and it has been shown that when the vulture population declines, diseases increase in the area.  Now if only we could figure out what allows their stomach to digest deadly elements, perhaps we could learn how to digest diseases without contracting them!

Dr Oz: Sloths Healing Powers

Dr Oz’s second question was which slow-moving rainforest animal can help us to heal quicker? A slot, a lemur or a jaguar?  The answer is a Sloth, which are very sturdy animals.  They can get injuries that would kill most other animals, and they still can heal and survive.  Sloths also are always looking up because they prefer to hangout at the top of the trees, hence why Lucky the Sloth was constantly starring at Doctor Oz’s studio ceiling!

Dr Oz: Penguins & Malaria Vaccine

Dr Oz’s third question was which animal comes from the Southern hemisphere and could hold the cure to one of the most deadly diseases – Malaria?  A penguin, an otter or a polar bear?  The answer is that penguins from the coast of Chile and Argentina are exposed to diseases and can contract Malaria without being harmed by it, because they produce certain antibodies that fight off Malaria.  So scientists are looking to see if we can use the antibodies produced by penguins to create a human Malaria Vaccine.

Dr Oz: Camel Milk Prevents Diabetes

Doctor Oz’s final question was which desert dweller could help, through its milk, to figure out how to prevent or cure Diabetes?  A camel, an antelope or a hedgehog?  The answer is a camel!  Yes, they even brought a live camel onto the Dr Oz Show, but the audience was warned not to clap or make any sudden noises because it is “spookable.”  Camels have an amazing capability to survive in harsh climates and Camel Milk seems to have Anti-Diabetic Properties.  It seems as if people who drink Camel Milk do not contract Diabetes, but I wonder if that is because those same people eat lower-sugar diets in general.


  1. says

    I do not know what or how to get people to listen. My mother’s diabetes wasn’t diagnosed until she was about 89. By then she had had a heart attack and lost her vision; but she lived (uncomfortably) to age 94. I am almost 91 now and have terrible spine pain and COPD; but no diabetes. I have a nephnew who has diabetes. I had lunch with my son and my 15 year old grandson yesterday and
    was horrified that my grandson drank two huge glasses of sugar (coke) and found out that he drinks pop not water most of the time. They don’t live with me. They won’t listen to me, but they may listen if YOU tell them that consuming too much sugar is not good. He is thin–not heavy.

  2. Kathy says

    I was excited to hear about how healthy camel milk is for you, but it appears that it’s illegal to sell it in the US. Is there any way to get it besides buying your own camel?

  3. Reuven Yagil says

    Over 10 years ago I have published articles on the use of camel milk for treating diabetes. This is true for type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.


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