Dr Oz: Can You Be Addicted To Food?


Dr Oz: Food Addiction – Real or Fake?

Can You Be Addicted To Food? The truth is, studies indicate that the causes of your overeating may not be just your lack of willpower – you could have a Food Addiction. Other medical professionals believe that overeating is caused by emotions, which is something you can control. Dr Oz introduced dietician, Keri Gans and nutrition researcher, Neal Barnard, MD to give 2 opposing views on the subject.



  1. Linda Gwin says

    I truly believe that I am addicted to food. Once I have something to eat it just starts the ball rolling. I crave food. I will eat anything. I can go without eating all day but once I do, I can’t stop. I need help.

  2. Dottie Lewis says

    YES, I believe myself to be a chocolate ” aholic” . I can have chocolate around but as soon as I eat one piece I have a difficult time stopping until it’s gone. Therefore I only buy the type I won’t eat. I buy Halloween candy ahead of time and have no problem ignoring it if it’s not a favorite. If I have a Ricotta pie or cheesecake in my fridge it CALLS me to eat it. Then I try to justify ok it’s eggs and cheese some goodness. Better off if It’s not in my house. I am currently on Weight Watchers and I can have anything in moderation as long as I count the points for it. This program is not a diet it’s a LIFESTYLE!

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