Dr Oz: Cancer Prevention Clinic – Oral Cancer Prevention & Tips

Doctor Oz did a Cancer Prevention Clinic on the Dr Oz show, and I am sure that he will save another life or two by raising cancer awareness.  Cancer is a life threatening disease that many people (including me!) fear the most.  Dr Oz had three other doctors who beat cancer on his show: Dr Dara Richardson-Heron, a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a skin cancer melanoma survivor, and Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a brain cancer survivor. Oral Cancer Prevention

Oral Cancer Prevention

A woman in Dr Oz’s audience said that her husband chews tobacco and wanted to know what are the cancer risks for people who chew tobacco compared to smokers?  Doctor Oz said there are 28 carcinogens in chewing tobacco.  In fact, nicotine absorption is greater when you chew tobacco compared to smoking cigarettes.  Chewing tobacco can cause Leukoplakia, which are little white lines around your teeth and can be reversed.  However, if Leukoplakia goes untreated, it can turn into Oral Cancer.  90% of mouth cancers are in people who are smokers or chew smokeless tobacco.  You should examine your lips, tongue and mouth for white plaque which could be Leukoplakia before it turns into Oral Cancer.

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