Dr Oz: Cancer Prevention Clinic – Skin Cancer Prevention & Tips

By on May 21, 2010

Doctor Oz did a Cancer Prevention Clinic on the Dr Oz show, and I am sure that he will save another life or two by raising cancer awareness. Cancer is a life threatening disease that many people (including me!) fear the most. Dr Oz had three other doctors who beat cancer on his show: Dr Dara Richardson-Heron, a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a skin cancer melanoma survivor, and Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a brain cancer survivor.  Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention

Dr Oz said that skin cancer is the most commonly found cancer and its found most often on the legs of women.  A lady told Dr Oz that he saved her life, because after watching an episode of the Dr Oz show, she recognized a mole as melanoma and went to the dermatologist.  Her melanoma was removed 9 weeks ago and she is now cancer free.  What can you do to prevent melanoma from coming back?  The number one way to prevent melanoma is to be proactive.  99% of melanoma cases are treatable when caught in the earliest stages.  So take a look at your moles and see if it looks like it is not symmetrical, not a consistent color, the diameter is bigger than the eraser on a pencil or if the mole has changed over time… these are all signs of potential skin cancer.  The problem is that if you do not catch melanoma early, the cancer can get into your blood stream, so then the cancer cannot easily be removed by just cutting it out.  Of course, sunscreen is a great way to reduce exposure to sun which can cause Skin Cancer.

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