Dr Oz: Cancer-Proof Your Life: 5 Biggest Risks for Women Over 40


Dr Oz’s Cancer Proof Your Life show began with a segment on the 5 Biggest Cancer Risks for Women Over 40.  Cancer is one of the top most feared diseases in America, so Doctor Oz did an entire show on how you can cancer proof your life.  From the list of Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfoods to general tips to Cancer Proof Your Life – this Dr Oz Recap is a must read! Dr Oz How to Cancer Proof Your Life

Medical Advances in Cancer

Dr Oz said that in 1947, chemotherapy was successfully used to treat cancer for the first time.  By the 1960’s, pap tests were able to eliminate the deadly nature of Cervical Cancer by early detection.  In the 1970’s, bone marrow transplants improved the chances for people with Leukemia and Lymphoma.  In addition, Breast Cancer detection has increased the number of survivors.  Plus, doctors and patients are excited about the Miracle Pill for Cancer, which Dr Oz spoke about in a previous show(click here for the Dr Oz Recap about Gleevec).  However, even with all of these medical advances in cancer, the overall death rate from Cancer is only down 5% from 1950 to 2005.

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