Dr Oz: Carb Addiction 4 Week Plan


Dr Oz: Carb Addiction Plan in 28 Days

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced audience members and best friends, Joanna, Beverly, and Tamika.  Beverly loved everything with white flour in it, including pizza and pastas.  Tamika was a white rice fiend and Joanna was a self-proclaimed carb junkie.  (Get ready, here comes the purple gloves!)

Dr Oz showed the actual fat that surrounded the organs of the body.  It’s the extra fat that inhibits the ability of insulin to work.  Doctor Oz then showed a pancreas, which is responsible for making insulin. Dr Oz Carb Addiction Plan When it can’t keep up, you get diabetes.  Dr Oz had Joanna uncover a dead, thick heart and asked all three women if they were willing to step up and make a change to their diet to keep their bodies healthy.  All 3 said yes.  (Who wouldn’t after seeing that?  Yuck!)

Dr Oz’s 28 Day Plan To Kick Your Carb Addiction

Dr Oz Carb Detox – Week 1

– Eat whatever fats you want.  (Yes, you read correctly!)  Fill up with fats.  Of course, Dr Oz prefers healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, fatty fish, and flaxseed.  There is no calorie limit.  Eat as much as you want.  (Can I stay in week 1 forever, please?)

Dr Oz Turn White Into Brown – Week 2

– Eat foods such as oatmeal, 100 percent whole wheat breads, brown pasta, and Quinoa.  Joanna commented that some of these items tasted like cardboard.  (At least she’s honest.)  Dr Oz suggested to spice it up a bit for a more flavorful taste.

Dr Oz Hand to Mouth – Week 3

– Start portion control.  The only measuring tool you need is your hands.  Eat no more than a fistful of brown rice.  (The fist will vary according to your size.)  Meat and poultry should be the size of your palm (thickness and size).  The thumb is the amount of fat you’re allowed to have.

Dr Oz Cheat – Week 4

– One day a week, pick what you want to eat, such as regular pasta or cake.  Dr Oz’s Ideal Cheat Day is  Sunday.  It’s still the weekend and Mondays are too difficult to get back into.


  1. Ellen Baker says

    I could really use some more details on this 4 Week Plan. What can I eat with the olive oil, fatty fish, nuts and flaxseed? On Week 2, do I add fats to the brown foods, or eat them all plain? On Week 3, can I eat any portion controlled non-carb foods? I really need a list of foods that I can eat. I am having a real problem finding things to eat that are not carbohydrates. Can I eat fruits and vegetables? Thanks.

  2. Kay says

    I also have the same questions as Ellen Baker posted above at 8:16 p.m. I don’t want to set myself up for failure so I need more details on each week because it wasn’t clear if you stop eating week one and then eat week two only and if the brown foods are eaten plain or with fats. There must be some other recommendarions for each week.

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