Dr Oz: Carb Addiction: Are Carbohydrates The New Cocaine?

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Dr Oz: Carb Addiction: Are Carbohydrates The New Cocaine?

By on May 18, 2011

Dr Oz: Carbs, The New Cocaine?

Dr Oz did a show called Carbs: The New Cocaine? because carbohydrates may just be one of the most addictive substances out there.  Gary Taubes told Doctor Oz on another show that he believes that everyone should eliminate all carbs from their diets (click here to read that recap: Dr Oz Gary Taubes).  On today’s show, Dr Oz is not being as strict as Taubes and saying that all carbs must be eliminated – just the unhealthy carbs like the foods made from white flour such as bread and pasta.  These unhealthy carbohydrates could be as addictive as Heroine or Cocaine!  After reading this article, you will be able to figure out if you are a Carb Addict or not, and then you can go on Dr Oz’s 28 Day Carb Addict Plan if necessary.

Dr Oz: Carb Addiction

Doctor Oz said that there are receptors in your brain that release Dopamine, which is why we feel pleasure when we eat Carbs.  Could it be that the most Dr Oz Carb Addictionaddictive drug of all is consumed by most of us every day?  Bread, pasta, french fries, and potato chips are all Unhealthy Carbohydrates that could be even more addictive than Cocaine.  Research shows that carbs and cocaine have the same effect on the pleasure center in your brain.  Over time, it takes more and more carbs to get the same “carb fix” and if you try to quit carbs you may go through a withdrawal that includes headaches, moodiness, depression and anxiety.  But if you keep eating these carbs, you could end up with Diabetes or struggle with Obesity.

Dr Oz: Addiction vs Craving

Dr Mike Dow said that carbs release Serotonin in your brain, which is a peaceful sedating chemical.  Carbs in and of themselves are not the problem – it is the highly processed carbs.  Cocaine is similar because it comes from a plant that is fairly harmless, until you process it and then it becomes addictive.  Dr Oz adked Dr Dow what is the difference between a craving and an addiction?  He said that a craving is something that you have once in a while.  But if you need carbs to feel normal and you notice that you need more and more to get the same results or that you have withdrawal symptoms, then you are a Carb Addict.

Doctor Oz said that when you eat carbs, they go into your stomach and a signal is sent to the same part of your brain that Crack or Cocaine effect.  This part of your brain makes you feel really good, but eventually the good feeling goes away and you feel like you need more to turn the Dopamine back on.  This cycle sabotages you because eventually you cannot keep up with it and you put weight on and your health and hormones get out of sync.

Dr Oz: Carb Addict Signs

Dr Oz gave three signs of a Card Addict:

1. Must Have Morning Carbs

One of Doctor Oz’s guests said that she knew she had a problem when she was at dinner and everyone would eat just one piece of bread, and then she would eat the whole rest of the bread basket.  If it is crucial that you eat a Bad Carb within one hour of waking up, then Dr Mike Dow said that is a strong sign that you are a Carb Addict.  This same assessment tool is used to diagnose drug addictions and alcoholism as well.

2. You Can’t Cut Back on Carbohydrates

Another one of Dr Oz’s guests said that she has lots of stress in her life and she tends to turn to carbs, mainly pasta, and she can never get enough of it.  Dr Mike Dow said that admitting your powerlessness is the first step.  If you use carbs to fill an emotional need, this is similar to what alcoholics do with alcohol.

3. Carb Withdrawal Symptoms

Dr Mike Dow said that Carbohydrate Withdrawal Symptoms include things like headaches within the first 24 hours, irritability, mood swings and anxiety.  You may even have trouble falling asleep.

Doctor Oz said that Carb Addictions are serious problems for your health, and it is not just about Diabetes but also Heart Problems and immune issues.  Do you think you are a Carb Addict?  Leave a comment below and share with us the signs that you have and if you plan on doing Dr Oz’s 28 Day Carb Addict Plan!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Carb Addiction: Are Carbohydrates The New Cocaine?

  1. linda goddard says:

    I stopped smoking 12 years ago. I have gained 60 pounds from eating sugar and white flour. It is harder to quit sugar and carbs than it ever was to stop smoking. We need something that WORKS to stop the addiction!

  2. Lorri Strickland says:

    I am about 50lbs over. I started out being around 80lbs over. I have recently started the Dukan Diet. I had already been trying to lose weight counting calories, of course the calories I ate were not good ones. Lots of simple carbs. At one point, I was just drinking protein shakes once a day and nothing else. I finally started back eating and went on a binge and gained over half back. If you are unfamiliar with the Dukan diet. It is a 4 phase diet. 1st phase is pure protein, second phase pure protein, alternate days with pure protein and veggies. third is introduce complex carbs back slowly, and fourth phase is eat what you want for the rest of your life 6 days a week, but 1 day a week pure protein. This is all from the Dukan Diet book. I have noticed that I am very moody, anxious, and have trouble sleeping, but I haven’t been craving them and the pure protein keeps me full to the max. Before I started my diet though, I would eat a lot of bread, sweet cereal, sugary snacks, and I can see now the more I ate, the more it took to satisfy me.

  3. William Mandell says:

    @Linda Goddard – There are a couple ‘SOMETHINGS’ that stop the addiction.. 1: Paleo , use google. 2: Slow Carb diet – Google Tim Ferriss, slow carb diet.

    Either will break your addiction to sugar. I recommend starting with Tim Ferriss and then checking out paleo. You will lose 90% of your fat with ferriss then the next 10% on Paleo. It wont even hurt, and you wont ever be hungry, I promise.

  4. Redbony says:

    wellbuzz.com is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Dr. Mehmet Oz, ZoCo Productions LLC or to ZoCo 1 LLC. ZoCo 1 LLC is the owner of the following trademarks: DR. OZ™, ASK DR. OZ™ and THE DOCTOR OZ SHOW™. We are an independent and unofficial fan and news site unrelated to any of the entities above.

  5. I have been overweight all of my lfe…I am now diabetic and can’t stay away from carbs…I know they are literally killing me…what can i do?

  6. The best thing to do is to start a raw food diet. Many times carbohydrates trick your brain into thinking that the stomach is not full,which therefore results in overeating and binging. This is why most times, eating carbs such as bread,pasta will trigger the person to keep grabbing more carbs. However,this can be alleviated by starting a raw food diet. A raw food diet consists of eating only raw vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds,and healthy fats such as avocado and coconut oil. We as human beings are meant to be pure vegetarians,therefore our gastrointestinal tract is geared towards processing and digesting plant-based foods at an optimum level. Also,plant based foods will fill someone up because it is what we are meant to eat,and the brain knows this when the user fills the stomach up with raw,plant based food. Oh and humans are not meant to eat any cooked food at all, Cooked food also causes overeating and binging. Studies show that cooked food release 70 gallons of saliva into the digestive tract,causing massive amounts of hunger and overeating. This will not happen on a raw food diet. Please consider this diet as it has saved my life. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was developing stomach cancer, all at the age of 25. Since then I have not looked back and have stuck to a raw food diet. The beauty of this diet as well is that all the foods provided by nature can be utilized effectively to create delicious dishes,desserts. The reason for this is because the raw foods mimic our own 5 taste buds, sweet,salty,sour.umami,and bitter. Sugar and salt only deaden our taste buds and cause them to not fully enjoy the vibrant taste of raw fruits and veggies.

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