Dr Oz: Carb Cravings Cut in 1 Week: Breakthrough Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz & Chris Powell: Breakthrough Diet

Dr Oz did a show called “Cut Your Carb Cravings in 1 Week” today.  Chris Powell, the Trainer and Transformation Specialist from Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition, was introduced to help Dr Oz Fans get rid of their fear of carbohydrates and how to use carbs to aid in the weight loss process.  According to Chris, the number one reason you cannot lose weight is due to those pesky carbs, such as bread, pasta, chips, and cake, because your body naturally craves them.  However, you can eat good carbs that boost metabolism and help burn even more fat.  As a fourteen-year-old, he was the smallest kid in his grade and has body image issues.  His parents introduced him to weight lifting and he became hooked.  He was fascinated with the human body and how it can change.  Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping others. “The true key to weight loss is in the mind,” he said and “You need to believe in yourself.”


  1. Ellen Reiter says

    Can u send me a list of good & bad carbs.It’s so over whelming I can never keep up. I am also low blood sugar and constancely crave salt. I do the 3 hour blood testing every 6 months also.

  2. says

    How many carbs a day are you aloud? Can you send me a list of good and bad carbs. Is there a certain kind of protien shake mix that is better than the rest? Also is there a web site to get support from and also get receipts from?

  3. Mollie Mulnix says

    I was wondering of there is a list of the foods you had on the show for the high carb and low carb days?

  4. says

    I saw the show today with Chris Powell. However, they covered the high and low days lightening fast !!! I couldn’t write fast enough!!! I am hoping they will cover at least 1 day of
    example meals and snacks of the high day and low day including the times of each meal and snacks which were indicated by clock as they were showing the eample meals oand snacks of
    the high and low days.

  5. andrea a. says

    I am becoming frustrated at the incompleteness of the current episodes which often leave me guessing about the “rest of the story”.

    Where exactly can we find his complete plan?? is it a book? through I am fairly savy about carbs, there must be specifics here. How many calories? or what carbs are allowed etc.

    In other episodes, the foods suggested are so specific – such as a certain cod as opposed to just “cod”, I then wonder – well is regular cod (which I might find and be able to afford) just as good? is there a cheaper more available choice for us poor people??

    There is no .4% or more Retinol cream over the counter – at least not in my town – as to the skin episode as stated by the doctor. If there is, what is it called? where is it?

    I’ve learned a lot of basics, but some of the shows are just getting too complicated and vague with impractical suggestions. 90% of us can not afford basic foods, much less so many rare or very very expensive miracle food – if we can even find them. I would like to know the alternative cheap available substitute which will give me almost as much help.

    thanks for a great show though

  6. Lynn says

    i too would like a list of carbs and calories to use. i agree w/ prev. comments. info. is to vague. i come to the website and get even less info.. can we view ea. segment on video here? that would be great! i need to loose alot. need specifics on this diet. also when i took 2 baby aspirins i got nose bleeds for 1 1/2 hrs twice in 3 days. so i stopped. do use the vit. info. thats great. missed when john edward was on. would love to find out what he said. i am a firm believer! i work w/ hospice, so i see it often. please give us more details… love the show! i watch as often as i can. need info on bio-identicals… BAD!!! PLEASE HELP!

  7. Louisa F. says

    None of your questions, which I also have, will be answered by dr.Oz.
    Look at the message at the very bottom of this site.

  8. Eric says

    Eat 50 carbs (of any type) per day and you’ll cut cravings. You’ll feel better, you will lose weight, and you won’t crave carbs.

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