Dr Oz & CareNow’s Free Health Clinic: Free Mammogram Screens


Dr Oz: Free Mammograms

Dr Oz and CareNow saw almost 4000 patients during their Free Health Clinic Day. Doctor Oz stated that one woman stayed in his mind. Yvonne had no health insurance and now her life hung in the balance. Three years ago, Yvonne lost her job and soon after, she discovered a lump the size of an orange on her right breast. When she heard about the free health clinic, she believed it was a Godsend. The lump on her breast went right through her skin. When she was examined by Dr Oz, he stated that he could smell the mass that contained fungus. Dr Oz looked at the mass and was shocked. He had never seen anything like that before. The puss-like mass was 6-7 inches across. Immediately, Dr Oz sent Yvonne to the UCLA Family Health Center for a mammogram. Yvonne was scared (rightfully so) but got the mammogram. Yvonne’s doctor looked at the mass. His biggest concern was that the tumor had spread. Even if removing the breast, the tumor may still be spreading throughout her body. This was the worst case he had seen in his many years of practice.



  1. Per Aspera ad astra says

    I saw the show and felt terrible for that poor woman.
    In your article you state that Dr. Dowling said that it was beyond belief that in the healthiest country people would walk around like this.
    Well, first of all I really really doubt that this is the healthiest country. Just looking at the obesity numbers makes this statement unbelievable.
    He probably said wealthiest country, which is also a stretch. I have never lived in any other industrialized country with so many poor people with such lousy health care.

    Maybe the doctors have to get out of their million dollar houses and coutnry clubs from time to time to face reality.

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