Dr. Oz: Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet + Judi Hollis & Mike Roizen


Dr. Oz brought Dr. Judi Hollis and Dr. Michael (Mike) Roizen on his show to help Carnie Wilson, the daughter of Brian Wilson (one of the Beach Boys), with her battle over weight loss.  For those of you who don’t know about Carnie’s struggle with losing weight, here is a quick recap.  In 1999, Carnie weighed 300 pounds and was the first person to have her gastric bypass surgery broadcast live on the Internet.  Following Carnie’s surgery, her high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes went away.  It was not too long before Carnie replaced food with alcohol though.

Now Carnie is free from alcohol, but looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off.  She has been struggling with her weight since she was 4 years old.  When Carnie was growing up, she was vivacious, always showing off, a total ham, and obsessed with eating sugar.  Sometimes she would crave sugar so much that she would eat a box of raw cake mix.  Carnie now has a daughter, Lola, and a husband, Rob, who are both supportive of trying to help Carnie get healthy.  Carnie has a new show called “Carnie Wilson, Unstapled”… and in a clip Dr. Oz played for us she said that if she is not baking, she is drinking.  So she has started to sell baked goods.  Dr. Oz is very concerned with this new venture though… he said it is like a drug addict working with drugs or an alcoholic working at a bar.


  1. Ana says

    I have a question in regards to the item #2- . Focus on automating meals. Pick 2 breakfast meals, 2 lunch meals and 2 dinner meals… and that is all you can eat. It will simplify things for you. can someone elaborate on this? what type of food should be eaten? so basically you would be only eating 3x day?

    Thank you.



  2. says

    Hi Ana! These are some very good points you have raised. You should pick healthy meals as your automated meals, because if you pick unhealthy or fattening meals, then that will not help you to lose weight or to be healthy. You can get some great healthy meal ideas at Recipes For Diets. Also, Dr Oz has mentioned in the past that you should have several healthy snacks throughout the day, but these snacks could be automated as well by pre-packaging the proper portions in little ziploc bags. Any ideas or feedback from others?

  3. Figueiredo says

    Isaw the program just now. I am a restaurant owner…so I have it hard to do then recommendations shown above. But will do it
    Thanks for the +post

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