Dr. Oz: Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet Update

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Dr. Oz: Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet Update

By on March 3, 2010

Doctor Oz had Carnie Wilson and Dr. Judi Hollis & Dr. Mike Roizen on his show at the beginning of February to help Carnie with her life long struggle with obesity.  Carnie is a singer, actress and game show host who has struggled with her weight since she was a young kid.  Carnie’s husband, Rob Bonfiglio, is supportive but Dr. Oz and Dr. Hollis has asked her to get support from someone who has been overweight and successfully got healthy… lets see how she has done with Dr. Oz, Dr. Roizen and Dr. Hollis’ weight loss plan!

Carnie Wilson says she has become accountable for what she has put in her mouth.  She says she is eating beautiful foods that are all delivered to her house, just like many Hollywood stars.  She has lost 7 pounds by cutting out everything white (white flour, white sugar, etc.) and all cheese products, except for a little Parmesan cheese once in a while.  Carnie has been e-mailing with Dr. Roizen, co-author of YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management, and told him one day that she ate 3 meatballs, and Carnie said that he replied with something like do you want to die or do you want to eat the meatballs?  Dramatic? Maybe.  But effective!

Carnie Wilson’s personal trainer tells her that she is the queen of excuses, and that she does seem to be.  Dr. Oz asked her why she has not been walking 10,000 steps a day but instead only once she walked 9,000 steps and most other days she only walks 5,000 to 6,000 steps.  Dr. Oz thinks that Carnie has something emotional going on, which is why he wants her to stop making excuses and get some support from a group or person who has been through this process before.  Carnie said she resented the tone Dr. Hollis, author of Fat Is a Family Affair, Second Edition: How Food Obsessions Affect Relationships, took with her, because she does have a lot of support… but Dr. Oz called Carnie on her Queen of Excuses nature.  Dr. Oz asked Carnie if she wanted to part way or to continue working with Dr. Oz, because if she wants to work with Dr. Oz she must do the following things so that she can get healthy in a loving, caring and sustainable way.

Dr. Oz’s 4 Weight Loss Rules for Carnie Wilson:

1.  On weekends, make your own food.
2.  Physical activity is crucial to keep weight off.  Take 10,000 steps at least twice a week.
3.  Psychological Support.  Lets put together our own support groups at the Judgment Free Zone!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet Update

  1. Betty J says:

    Dr. Oz is right on the money with his thought that he feels Carnie has emotional issues going on that are affecting her weight loss. Having gone through my own struggles with losing weight I see a great deal of me in Carnie. I remember when her song “Hold On” came out, how it affected me so strongly. The words said it all and told a powerful story… “I know this pain. Why do you lock yourself up in these chains? No one can change your life except for you. Don’t ever let anyone step all over you. Just open your heart and your mind. Is it really fair to feel this way inside?” I think Carnie is like a lot of us who find it hard to lose weight because we don’t know how to love ourselves enough to accept the times when we will “fail” ourselves and make mistakes. Carnie needs to know that there is a world out there that loves her and wants her to succeed at whatever she decides to do. Now she needs to learn to love herself first and foremost before she can succeed at any weightloss program. She needs to follow her very own words of that very beautiful song… You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness. You got yourself into your own mess… Hold on for one more day and things’ll go your way…

  2. sallyqjohnson says:

    thanks for the sharing such valuable point of fat burning with the help of your diet plan, hopefully others will be beneficial from it…

  3. This woman was disgusting, her level of disrespect for these professionals was horrific. My daughter has severe weight issues, on changing jobs recently she can’t even get medical insurance, working 6 to 7 days a week(10+hrs per day), with twin 5 years olds, cooking healthy, trying to making time to go to gym after kids are in bed, doing 7am conference calls on Saturday mornings, doing this as a single mom. Wilson thinks she has it rough. Explain to your kids why you lost your home to foreclosure, trying to make time to exercise, cook healthly, and do all of it with very little money with no husband sleeping in the other room and what help you can from retired, disabled parents (we do what we can). Wilson doesn’t deserve any of this, her surgery didn’t work (wonder why), now she wants Dr. Oz to fix it. Get a grip she isn’t fixable because she doesn’t want to be fixed, she would loose her biggest excuse of all. Tell her lazy ass husband to get out of bed and take care of his kids, or have her mom come over like the rest of us do. Her level of disrespect for this difficult process makes me sick, I wish my daughter had the opportunity that is going to waste on the spoiled brat of a person.

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