Dr. Oz: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapy, Cures, Prevention Tips


Doctor Oz spoke about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Dr. Oz explained what Carpal Tunnel is and what to do about it.  So if you or someone you know has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or spends many hours doing repetitive movements (like typing on a computer), this is a must read!

The top signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include tingling in your fingers and pain when you push your fingers back towards your wrist.  If you use a computer for more than 20 hours a week, the keyboard and computer mouse can cause your tunnel in your wrist to expand or contract, which applies pressure to your median nerve (the main nerve in your hand).  This will often result in a shooting pain that travels down your nerve and makes your fingers tingle.


  1. bill berdan says

    I had Carpel Tunnel surgey, but it didn’t work it lasted 6 wks.now have same amount pain
    as before, Iwear wrist brace all the time .I do exerises, and pain meds, ,on show maybe ,
    what can be done when doesn’t work . faithful fan.

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