Dr Oz & Carrie Ann Inaba – Panic Attack Remedy & Cure


Doctor Oz was asked a question by Carrie Ann Inaba, a judge on Dancing with the Stars and a Fly Girl from the show In Living Color.  Carrie Ann Inaba said she often gets panic attacks.  What is a good Panic Attack Remedy?  And how can you talk yourself down from a panic attack?  Why do Panic Attacks happen?  Panic Attack Remedy

Panic Attack Symptoms

– Loud & Fast Heart Beat


  1. Jean Krautscheid says

    I feel a pounding in my body all the time. It feels like a band is constricting me around my middle area. It causes me to feel very anxious and it is difficult to think about anything else. I will be glad to furnish any other information you may want. This seems to get worse when I am out with people for very long. I would like to find a natural remedy that would lessen this problem.

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