Dr Oz: Cavity Test & Cavity Prevention Foods


Doctor Oz did a segment on how to prevent and even reverse cavities.  Do you have a cavity?  Or do you get cavities often?  Dr Oz even gave us a great little test that you can do at home to help check if you have a cavity. Dr Oz Cavities

Dr Oz: Cavity Test

Dr Oz’s Cavity Test can help determine if you have a cavity.  Take a metal spoon and use the metal spoon handle to GENTLY tap the back of your teeth.  If you feel pain or discomfort, it could be a cavity or a spot where a cavity is forming, but it may not be a full blown cavity yet.


  1. Dr. Suzuki says

    The percussion test described as a test for a cavity is used to test the tooth to see if the ligament is inflamed, not to detect cavities. The ligament can become inflamed by over-compression as in the case of grinding or clenching or a diseased/necrotic dental pulp which requires removal either by extraction or root canal therapy.

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