Dr Oz: Celery Beats Bad Breath & Other Bad Breath Cures

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Dr Oz: Celery Beats Bad Breath & Other Bad Breath Cures

By on November 9, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Cure Bad Breath, where he checked everyone in his audience to find the two people with the worst breath.  I would have hated to have the job of smelling everyone’s breath – yuck!  Then, Doctor Oz brought the two lovely ladies to play his game of what beats bad breath. Dr Oz Bad Breath Busters

Dr Oz: Bad Breath Cures

1.  Celery Beats Bad Breath

Dr Oz asked them which will beat bad breath better: cauliflower or celery?  Celery fights bad breath because it is rich in fiber which fights Halitosis by breaking down plaque and sulfur compounds.  So celery is a great thing to eat to help clean your mouth.  I also heard that eating an apple is a great way to freshen your breath and clean your teeth.  Here is an article about how Apples Brush Your Teeth!

2.  Vitamin C Beats Bad Breath

Dr Oz asked if Vitamin A or Vitamin C beats bad breath?  The answer is that vitamin C fights bad breath, so eat fruits like blueberries or citrus fruits that will create an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth, so bacteria will not want to grow in your mouth.

3.  Black Tea Beats Bad Breath

Dr Oz’s last question was whether White Tea or Black Tea fights bad breath?  Black tea contains polyphenols which is an antioxidant compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria in your mouth.  The only problem I have with black tea is that it makes my teeth turn yellow-ish, so I might just prefer Dr Oz’s other two methods for fighting off bad breath!

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  1. Bad Breath says:

    hope this helps you. I had awful bad breath and tonsil stones.

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