Dr Oz: Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Foods

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Dr Oz: Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Foods

By on January 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Gluten-Free Diet

Dr Oz’s #1 Secret to Fight Fatigue, Prevent Bloating and Cut Your Risk of Cancer is guess what? Eating Gluten-Free Foods if you have Celiac Disease of course! You may be exhausted, gaining weight or even suffering from migraines and joint pain. These and other symptoms may be triggered by hidden ingredients in your foods. You may be consuming these ingredients and not even realize it.

On today’s show, Dr Oz and Elisabeth Hasselbeck visited a Whole Food Grocery store in NYC to catch shoppers in action.

Dr Oz Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Dr Oz Elizabeth Hasselbeck

They used a hidden camera to check out 3 shoppers, Ali, Lisa and Renee, to find out what they were purchasing.

Dr Oz & Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Ali, 34-years-old, complained of bloating. Dr Oz and Elizabeth Hasselbeck watched her buy bread and pasta. Lisa, 43-years-old, suffered from fatigue. She perused down the soy sauce aisle. Last was 40-year-old Renee, who suffered from joint pain and migraines. Dr Oz and Elizabeth caught her buying lip gloss. What these three women didn’t know was that the products they were purchasing may be the root cause of their ailments.

Dr Oz and Elizabeth intervened, surprising the three women. They amazed them even more when they confided that the products they were purchasing may be the cause of their fatigue, headaches and bloating.

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is caused by a common protein that is found in grains such as wheat and rye. Elizabeth told Dr Oz that she suffered from it for several years before even knowing she suffered from it. She went through the symptoms for a decade and she told Dr Oz that she’s now glad to be able to spread the word about it.

Those with Celiac Disease have an issue with the protein contained in barley, oats, wheat and rye. With Celiac Disease, when your body comes in contact with these, it attacks itself. Ninety-nine percent of the population doesn’t even realized they have the disease. The good news is that once you discover it, you can feel better right away. Elizabeth suffered from bloating, fatigue and she even had a hard time conceiving children. Your body is literally fighting itself and not getting nutrients even though you are eating. She was the part of that 99 percent that didn’t realize she had it, but now, she’s thankful to be in the 1 percent.

Dr Oz: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Celiac Disease

She went on the reality show, Survivor, and through that grueling process, she was basically eating only fish and rice. Surprising to her, she started feeling better. Once she returned to the US after leaving the show, she went back to her normal eating habits and started feeling sick again. She ended up researching the information and then went to her doctor for testing. This was when she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

To demonstrate how this worked, Doctor Oz used a diagram. What happened was that you ate something like a sandwich, which is then absorbed in the intestines. When you have Celiac Disease, other nutrients can’t get into the body and you are basically starving from the inside even though you’re eating. With Celiac Disease, eating foods containing gluten causes your body to go haywire.

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease Symptoms

-Weight gain

Elizabeth decided to write her gluten-free cookbook, Deliciously G-Free, because she wanted to give the benefits of eating a gluten-free diet. She felt anti-social because she couldn’t go out with family and friends and eat the same foods they were eating, so she decided to create a cookbook so that the entire family could enjoy the same dishes.

Dr Oz: Gluten-Free Foods

Beauty Products-Renee, who suffered from migraines and joint pains, stated she got them 3-4 Xs a month. She had no idea beauty products could affect you.

Gluten: mouthwashes, hairspray, skin cream

Gluten free: Crest pro-health products, Dove products, Garnier Fructis hair spray, certain lip glosses. You can purchase these gluten-free products in grocery and drug stores. You’ll need to call the manufacturer to see if the product is gluten-free because it isn’t labeled on the merchandise. .

Sneaky Sources: Lisa told Dr Oz that she was exhausted even after a good night sleep.

Gluten: certain chicken broths, soy sauce, ketchup, dressing, beer, energy bars

Dr Oz: Redbridge Beer Gluten Free

Gluten Free: chicken broth but gluten-free Annie’s natural salad dressing, beer( Redbridge)

Dr Oz, Elizabeth and Lisa tried the gluten-free beer and stated they couldn’t even taste the difference. To be sure the product is gluten-free, check the label.

Main Offenders: Ali suffered from bloating, yet she had pasta and bread, the 2 biggest offenders, in her shopping cart. Gluten may also be contained in your breakfast cereals.

Gluten Free Alternatives: Quinoa, rice noodles, corn

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  1. Janette Rivera says:

    I would like to know about the 2 week gluten free fiet you talked about on you show with Elizabeth Hasslebeck. How do I find it because I have 100% of all the Symphtoms !!!

  2. Can you please do a show on the supplement strontium? I have ostoporosis and I take it with Vitamin K7 and boron. I do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs because of all the controversy about only taking them for five years and then you can still break a bone. Thank You Cathy

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