Dr Oz: Celiac Disease: Hidden Epidemic


Doctor Oz spoke about Celiac Disease in his show “Hidden Epidemic: When Bloating is a Sign of Something Toxic.”  Seliac Disease is an auto-immune disorder that causes a person to have an adverse reaction to gluten, which is found in wheat and certain grains.  This gluten allergy wreaks havoc on your body with symptoms that can point to many different problems, which makes it hard to diagnose Celiac Disease.  Some of the more common symptoms of Celiac Disease include bloating, fatigue and joint pain… but it can also lead to liver disease, lymphoma, infertility, neurological disorders or cancer.  Dr Oz said that 97% of people in America who have Celiac Disease do not even know that they have it. Celiac Disease


  1. says

    Credit for non celiac gluten sensitivity needs to go to pioneer researchers and educators like Dr. Kenneth Fine, Dr. Rodney Ford, and Marios Hadjivassiliou. These men sparked much of the research in to the extraintestinal manifestations of gluten sensitivity.
    All the best,
    Dr. Osborne

  2. says

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and it was a huge relief. Some people react to the diagnosis with despair, but I was so happy to know that I was going to feel better soon, and without medication or surgery. After 4 weeks I already feel so much better – still tired, but most of the other really nasty symptoms are not bothering me too much.

    Fortunately we have never eaten much in the line of processed food, so the challenge that many people have to find replacements for their favorite gluten-containing snacks was not a problem. I do most of my own baking because I find that GF food is too expensive and not always that good. My meals consist mostly of fruit veg and a protein, with some carbs, but not a lot – some brown rice or quinoa, maybe rice noodles or sweet potato.

    Most of my friends have been wonderful – some even bringing interesting GF treats into work as little gifts. Going to friends houses to eat has not been a problem at all. They are thoughtful and normally make the entire meal GF, except for the dinner rolls of course!

    The biggest challenge is restaurant dining. I am just learning how to do that well, and sometimes have to stick to something really safe and boring. I think that once I discover more of the celiac friendly restaurants around things will get easier.

    One thing I love – I can now walk away from cake or cookies that I should never have been eating anyways! I expect to see the results in my waistline!

  3. Jill Storgaard says

    After suffering for years, seeing several doctors, all ultimately ignoring my telephone messages, test after test, nobody would believe me with what I was describing that was happening to me. It was frustrating and humiliating having to run to the restroom 4 or more times in one shopping trip, sometimes not making it! Finally I went to a third gastrointerologist who hit the nail on the head. She herself has Celiac disease and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I cried because finally I found someone that knew what I was going through. Within a month after removing gluten from my diet I finally and getting relief. I went through a phase where I had to try every gluten free product there was, seeking the comfort of being able to bake my favorite baked goods again using gluten free flour blends, etc. But I have accepted the fact that I just have to be careful and I have to read every label before I eat it, because I don’t want to pay the consequences of eating something containing gluten. It is not just worth it in the end!

  4. Chiraze says

    I need to asked you 2 questions please:
    1- Is there any case of people having celiac desease and they are obese??
    2- If someone have been diagnosed with celiac desease and kept on eating gluten, he will cancer on no??
    Thank you very much

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