Dr Oz: Celiac Disease Symptoms & Gluten Intolerance Symptoms


Dr Oz said that Celiac Disease goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed 97% of the time!  Starting around the age of 12, I developed stomach pain and problems that would come and go.  My mother took me to doctor after doctor, and they could not figure out what was wrong with me and so they gave me the diagnosis of IBS, which in my opinion is just a catch-all for any stomach troubles that they can’t figure out.  Last year, my stomach problems came back with a vengeance and my husband convinced me to try seeing yet another doctor.  I was shocked when he told me that I probably have Celiac Disease and that I have just been misdiagnosed for years.  I was furious with all of my previous doctors for never testing for this, but my results actually came back negative.  So I am still stuck with the diagnosis of IBS – until some day a doctor can figure out what is really wrong with me!  But my point is that if you have stomach pain or digestive issues, definitely make sure to ask your doctor to test you for Celiac Disease! Dr Oz Gluten Intolerance

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease Symptoms

Dr Oz said that Celiac Disease is most commonly associated with getting stomach pains when you eat certain foods, but the following are other symptoms of Celiac Disease:


  1. Amanda says

    To the person that had issues starting at 12… A neg. test doesn’t mean you ARE neg. It is known that testing can give false negatives. If you are reading this and think you have celiac just try the diet. A clinical diagnosis by eating gluten free is a better way to make sure the diet is or isn’t for you.

  2. sheri says

    my son was diagnoised at the age 6 the only symptoms he had was he never gained weight. to this day we are fallowing a gluten free diet, but when he goes to school, if he came in contact with it, we never can tell. is there any one out there that has the same promblem and give me some advice. he is going to be 9 in may and weights 52 pounds. which i am happy with, because he was only 31 pounds when he was diagnoised.

  3. says

    Our son has had severe intolerances and allergies since he was a baby and his skin was covered with severe eczema. The one thing that has helped him so much has been his children’s chewable probiotic. There was no doctor that could even figure out how to treat him and I am jsut so thankful I hear about Belly Boost. It’s changed our life and I really do recommend it to anyone with IBS, food intolerance or eczema! Hope our story helps.

  4. says

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease at the beginning of 2011. Before that I would eat anything and everything and still can’t seem to stop. I’ve been having very bad stomach pains and lots of other pain in my abdominal area for a long time. I try so hard to eat properly because of the fear the doctor has put into me, but get so dang frustrated. I try to bake bread but seem to mess it up. If I get it right then it goes bad fast. It’s like I can’t seem to maintaina healthy diet and enjoy food. I have no patience for making “everything” that I eat and no will power. I’m 238 pounds and 5’8″ tall and way overweight according to the BMI index. Living in a remote region in Alaska makes it a bit incovenient to buy gluten-free products without paying a seal and a whale for shipping. So… I . I dont know how much longer I can keep this up. I constantly say to myself that I’ve been eating this way for 41 years and have been miserable for just about that long that why does it matter if I’m gluten free? It’s an everyday struggle with life and I really have no support groups except what’s online.

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