Dr Oz: Cellulite Aminophylline Cream, Eye Bag Hemorrhoid Cream & More Remedies

By on December 2, 2011

Dr Oz: Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions

Doctor Oz did a show with Betty White included this segment that covered the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Questions.  If a member of Dr Oz’s audience appeared on his monitor, they had to ask their embarrassing question.

Dr Oz: Muffin Top Vitamin C Fix

10. Belly—How can you diminish a muffin top?

Answer: One of the main causes for a bigger belly was cortizol. (I thought it was those 4 donuts I ate for breakfast.) To help get rid of that beer belly, Dr Oz suggested increasing your vitamin C intake. Eat more foods like red peppers, oranges and guava. One half cup of guava contains 188 mg of vitamin C and is only 56 calories.

Dr Oz: Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags

9. Eyes- Does hemorrhoid cream help reduce bags?

Answer: Yes. Hemorrhoid cream will tighten and reduce bags temporarily.

Dr Oz: How To Pop A Zit Safely

8. Acne- Is there a safe way to pop a zit?

Answer: Yes. Do NOT squeeze the zit because it destroys the tissue. Instead, put in a needle parallel to the skin. Push through and pull up. Be sure to sterilize the needle by heating with a match or using alcohol.

Dr Oz: Facial Hair Removal

7. Lip-If you pluck unwanted hair, will it grow back thicker?

Answer: No. Numb the area first with an ice cube and then pluck in the direction the hair grows.

Dr Oz: Neck Exercise

6. Neck- Can you tighten the neck area?

Answer: Yes. Tighten the area with exercise. Lift your head back and put your lower lip above the upper lip. Stretch the neck. Hold for 10 seconds. Do 3 reps of 10.

Dr Oz: Aminophylline Cellulite Cream

5. Thighs-Can you reduce cellulite? Dr Oz Embarrassing Questions

Answer: Yes with a caveat. Dr Oz says there is no permanent solution to get rid of cellulite, however use a cream with 2% Aminophylline to help reduce the appearance.

Dr Oz: Whitening Toothpaste

4. Smiles (Special guest Poppy Montgomery asked this question) Does whitening toothpaste really work?

Answer: Yes. Look for hydroperoxide or carbamide peroxide in toothpaste.

Dr Oz: Peptide Cream Reduces Wrinkles

3. Wrinkles-Is there a natural alternative to reduce wrinkles?

Answer: Yes. Use peptide cream to boost collagen.

Dr Oz: Ketoconazole for Dandruff

2. Hair- Is there a cure for dandruff?

Answer: Yes. Use shampoos that contain zinc or ketoconazole, which is an anti-fungal ingredient.

Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt Age Spots Remedy

1. Hands- Are you stuck with age spots on hands forever?

Answer: No. You can have a doctor bleach them or you can use Greek yogurt, which contains lactic acid. Use a teaspoon of Greek yogurt and let it sit on the area for 15-20 minutes. Do this 3 days a week.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Cellulite Aminophylline Cream, Eye Bag Hemorrhoid Cream & More Remedies

  1. Carol F says:

    Can I use an aminophylline cream or gel on my breast to reduce its size…..I have one larger than the other?

  2. Dr. Oz has talked about using an aminophylline based cream with 2.0% or higher, to help reduce cellulite and fat. . I found a cream/lotion that has not only 2.5% Aminophylline but also Raspberry Ketones. It’s called Fat-Fader or FatFader. This product is phenomenal! I lost almost

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