Dr Oz: Cellulite Caffeine Creams, Cellulite Massage Devices & Diuretics

Dr Oz: Cellulite Products That Work

Dr Oz did a segment on some of his favorite Cellulite Secret Weapons (click here to read the recap: Dr Oz: Cellulite Creams: Aminophylline Cream, Retinol Cream & Soma) and then he spoke about which of the most popular Cellulite Products on the market work – and which ones could even hurt your health.  Doctor Oz and Marie Czenko put Cellulite Massage Devices, Cellulite Diuretic Herbal Supplements and Cellulite Caffeine Creams into the Truth Tube.  We spend over $12 million every year on Cellulite Products including purchases made everywhere from drugstores to from late night infomercials.  From Cellulite loofahs to coffee grinds to injections to body wraps to Anti-Cellulite Pills.  Here is Dr Oz’s advice on which Cellulite Products work and which ones are a waste of your money.

Dr Oz: Cellulite Massage Device

Dr Oz said that Cellulite Massage Devices can range in price from $15 to $400, which is a very wide range!  The Truth Tube Dr Oz Caffeine Creams For Cellulitesaid that these Massage Devices do in fact work on Cellulite!  Marie Czenko said that they help to soften the connective bands that tighten up and create the Cellulite.  You have to use them regularly to get results though.  Czenko said it may be just as effective to have your partner massage your problems area though, and that costs $0 and can lead to other types of fun… if you know what I mean!  The whole point of massaging Cellulite is to improve the circulation and to soften the connective fibers.  All of these are of course temporary solutions for Cellulite, because there is no cure… yet at least!

Dr Oz: Caffeine Creams for Cellulite

Doctor Oz’s next guest said that she started using Cellulite Caffeine Creams, and they showed products from Fat Girl Slim, Vichy and Clarins.  Dr Oz said that Caffeine Creams for Cellulite range in price from $20 to $100, but the good news is that they do work.  They help to tone and smooth out your skin.  If you can tighten and firm-up the appearance of your skin, it can have a temporary smoothing effect. Marie Czenko said that you have to use the Caffeine Creams everyday and that over time you will see results, but you must be diligent about using them and you also must have realistic expectations.  You can also do what Czenko called a “Butt Facial” by using Coffee Grinds.  Click here to read more about a similar Cellulite Coffee Grind Remedy: Dr Oz Cellulite Home Remedy.

Dr Oz: Diuretic Herbal Supplements

Dr Oz said that Diuretic Herbal Supplements cost around $5 – $140 and that they do absolutely nothing for your cellulite.  In reality, all you are doing is creating expensive urine.  Diuretic Herbs treat your whole body and not one specific zone.  Marie Czenko said that even worse is that the Diuretic Herbal Supplements can have high levels of Iodine which can cause Digestive Disorders and even Thyroid problems.  Dr Oz said that it makes him upset when people are spending money on things that don’t work and can actually harm your body.


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    i saw your show about cellulite and wondered where can i purchase the aminophyline cream??? Thank You Kathleen Urie 208 731 9302

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