Dr Oz: Cellulite Coffee Scrub- Beauty Secret Home Remedies


Doctor Oz did a segment on his viewer’s Beauty Secret Home Remedies and a darling lady named Jodi swears by this cellulite home remedy or cellulite coffee scrub.  I absolutely love when Dr Oz does these home remedy segments, because especially during this rough economic times, we can all really appreciate the concept of a “Pantry Spa” or making a spa with items in your kitchen pantry!  Cellulite Coffee Scrub


  1. Physician says

    Dr. Oz is absolutely wrong – there is no way that this can work, through any of the mechanisms described. As a physician, I am often dismayed at the information that Dr. Oz dispenses. Caffeine is unlikely to be absorbed to any significant degree through the skin; even if it is, it will not penetrate the fat below. Caffeine in the tissue will not increase water loss – this is a kidney effect. Dr. Oz may be charismatic, but his information is often incomplete, misleading, or altogether wrong.

  2. Jessie D says

    Have you tried it? -It probably takes 10 minutes to try-so I’ll still do it. Try it on your wife before you go bashing it ..at least! You western medicine doctors crack me up—–Yeah nothing could ever work unless you have a perscription right????? Gotta go-the coffee is ready!

  3. Anna says

    Dear Physician,

    Have you reviewed the studies that tested the “likelihood” of the absorbency of caffeine through the skin? If so, which studies and what did you think of them? Being a physician is not enough. You have keep yourself up to date with the latest studies on this specific topic. I have seen other professionals comment on the effects of caffeine on cellulite, not just Dr. Oz.

  4. nurse says

    I agree with jessie and anna. Also what about all the new undereye products for puffiness with caffeine in them?

  5. Malika says

    Dear DR OZ ..Can u please tell us that we have to use it daily and can see result in inches ..
    how can we reduce that water retention completely I have been gyming but its not going out from my body .I Started rubbing coffee seeds after crushing it i see a lot difference but not in inches ..When can we observe the real difference and what is the permanent cure to this .Because it looks really bad on people who are short …Pls suggest i’m from INDIA …i don’t know how to reach you.. Thanks Malika…

  6. Lindsey Cope says

    IT DOES WORK!!! I have tried this remedy and noticed an incredible difference in the appearance of cellulite on my thighs. I’m not sure what the brown sugar is good for though. I mixed warm coffee grounds and vegetable oil in a large Listerine bottle (which lasted me a week or so), rubbed the mixture all over my thighs in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes, patted another layer on top, then wrapped my thighs in saran wrap and sat in the tub (no water) with heating pads wrapped around my legs for 30 minutes. I did this 3-4 times a week and within a month, I could see a huge difference. I’ll be doing it again soon for swimsuit season. 🙂 It also tans you well!

  7. says

    Anybody else sick of the substandard quality listings in the big g?
    I needed to go 4 pages deep simply to locate this blog; it was the only one with relevant
    information, Un-freaking-believable! The big G has seriously gone down the tubes!

  8. JLD says

    I saw results in just a few uses, but can’t take caffeine, even topically, every day, so do it about four times a week–and not before bedtime! I use Himalayan salt instead of sugar (don’t want the ants in the bathroom and salt cleanses your energy field, too) with organic UNUSED coffee grounds, food-grade grape seed oil (it’s lighter and washes away better), some raw cacao, cinnamon, a few drops of neem seed oil and a little peppermint essential oil. I have a version for my face, too, and it works equally well–fine, fine grounds, no salt, lighter circular motions. Experiment, have fun–it’s great to find something that actually works, and works on more than just cellulite.

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