Dr. Oz: Chapped Lips Causes & Home Remedies – Side of Nose Oil

Doctor Oz discussed chapped lips, which are a common ailment, totally treatable, but highly annoying to get!  However, chapped lips could be a sign of something more serious – so Dr. Oz taught us how to tell if our lips are telling us something important going on deep in our bodies.

When you lips get raw and peel, it is called cheilitis or chapped lips.  Once it gets to the point where your lips are peeling, it will take a while to get better, so you want to nip the problem in the bud before it happens.  So when your lips are in good shape, you should put a protective layer of beeswax on them to protect your lips from the sun, wind or other elements.

Causes of Chapped Lips:

1.  Allergies to Cosmetics

2.  Anguler Cheilitis – Fungal Infection

Angular cheilitis is a fungal infection that causes you to get cracks at the corners of your mouth – this can be a sign of a vitamin b deficiency.

3.  Dehydration

Dr. Oz’s Chapped Lip Home Remedy:

Squalene is a great way to heal your chapped lips, and best of all, your body produces squalene for you for free!  If you remove the oil from the side of your nose, the sweat and oil is made up of 10% squalene.  Another idea is to make a Hydrating Face Mask Home Remedy (love it!) and use it on your face and lips… natural ingredients can work wonders!


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    Wow, thats a fantastic idea, I never knew our bodies produced such a useful substance in case of emergancy when I forget my lip balm. Thanks for the fantastic tip!

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