Dr Oz: Cheapskate Guide to Living Longer Under $10: Harmony Balls

Doctor Oz gave a Cheapskate Guide to Living Longer with four items that are all under $10.  Treat yourself to these items… it just might add years to your life!  Cheapskate Guide to Living Longer

Dr Oz’s Cheapskate List to Living Longer

1.  Black Tea

Dr Oz usually talks about Green Tea, but today he spoke about the merits of Black Tea.  True, black tea has caffeine, but black tea also has flavonoids which fight off heart disease and cancer.  Pass on the cream and sugar in your tea though.  Another benefit of black tea is that it helps to suppress your appetite so that you won’t overeat!

2.  Flaxseed

Flaxseed has great omega 3 fats, but Dr Oz said we should make sure to grind up flaxseed well to get the benefits.  Omega 3 fats are of course great for your brain and heart.  You can eat flaxseed on yogurt, in smoothies, or even bake it into bread or muffins!

3.  Japanese Mushrooms

Japanese mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, are packed with antioxidants.  Dr Oz said that he sometimes gives people with cancer Japanese mushrooms as a present, because the antioxidants in Japanese Mushrooms may benefit your immune system in fighting off cancer.

4.  Harmony Balls

I always see Chinese Harmony Balls whenever I walk through Chinatown in New York City.  Exciting to know that Harmony Balls might actually control stress and add years to our life!  The rhythmic motion is relaxing, plus the balls target acupuncture points that stimulate energy and promote relaxation.

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