Dr Oz: Chi Gong Alternative Sleep Treatment & AquaMassage


Dr Oz did an Ultimate Countdown Show and spoke about 2 Alternative Health Secrets for Sleep and Relaxation.  Doctor Oz has spoken about all kinds of ancient practices on his show before including cupping, Equine Assistant Therapy and Bee Therapy.  But Dr Oz said that today’s alternative treatments would blow our mind even more.  I have to say, I love the concepts from today’s show, however I am not sure that they blew my mind more than seeing live bees being used to intentionally sting a person as a form of therapy! Dr Oz Alternative Health Secrets

Dr Oz: Aqua Massage: Alternative Health Secret

We have all seen these machines in our local mall before, they are called AquaMassage and you basically lie tummy down inside of a machine that covers you with a waterproof barrier and then massages your body with highly pressurized streams of water.  Dr Oz said that AquaMassage is a great Hydrotherapy that improves blood circulation and costs around $10 for 10 minutes.  I want to know how to get one of these in my home!

Dr Oz: Chi-Gong: Alternative Health Secret

Dr Oz said that a great treatment to help you relax and fall asleep is Chi-Gong, so of course Dr Oz brought on his show Karl Romain, Chi Gong Expert.  If you get less than 6 hours of sleep each night, then you have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.  Karl Romain suggested doing the following steps to help ease you into sleep:

Karl Romain’s Chi Gong Sleep Technique

1.  Push down on the place on the sides of your face where your jaw and cheekbone meet.


  1. Amanda says

    I work at one of the Kiosks that does the Aquamassage and I want to say THANK YOU DR OZ!!! You made business go up for me in North Carolina!

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