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Doctor Oz did a segment on Whats in the Nation’s Chicken? Roxarsone & Antibiotics, and followed it up with a great segment that included a Chicken Label Decoder, so that we can be sure we are buying food that is good for us.  We have the power to make food suppliers offer healthier and cheaper options, so we have to make our vote count by putting our money where our mouth is. Dr Oz Organic Chicken


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    Actually it’s not the chicken industry alone “trying to dupe consumers”. Many others do also with spreading partial truths and untruths. There are many terms there are no “requirements” for. It’s true “hormone free” is all chicken and has been for 50 years…but there are still people saying it’s done secretly so there is a difference. No proof of this of course.

    Additionally the push for “organic” is not as failsafe as one may think. Check around – those California markets have some “farmers” claiming to be organic that ARE NOT. “Organic” berries tested with multiple pesticides on them. “Organic” produce that was not even grown where it was claimed to be. Organic chicken isn’t likely to be that different. Terms like “organic” don’t always mean what people think they mean.

    IMO anyone who has an outdoor operation (and I do!) cannot honestly claim organic status. The only way to do so honestly is know EXACTLY what the birds ate and know that all the feed was certified organic. That costs. Organic certified feed is twice the cost of ordinary layer pellets with no medication. Also if birds are outside you don’t really know what they’re eating that may or may not be organic. Not all things have an organic treatment and not all organic is good. Coccidia is organic as is salmonella but I doubt most will want that. Small farms are not necessarily any more immune from that than large farms are – and if there’s an organic treatment for coccidia I haven’t found anyone to speak up on it. It’s in the soil – the only possible prevention is getting birds up off the ground. That hardly works for the kind of solutions people want. So do we kill birds that have an overload of it or treat for a few days then go on with healthy, productive, happy and – yes – non-organic chickens? My layers are happy with the alternative.

    Additionally Dr. Oz also spreads some misinformation as in the antibiotic mention. When I had an ear infection the first thing the doctor did was give me antibiotic – one of those mentioned, amoxicillin. Chickens do not get this antibiotic…people do. Therefore any antibiotic resistance is due to something other than meat!

    Talking to those in agriculture is easier than ever. On Twitter #agchat is available for consumers to talk to farmers, with organized chats on Tuesday nights including a #foodchat the third Tuesday of each month. There often are claims farmers won’t talk – simply not true!! People who are honestly looking for information about farms have opportunities like never before thanks to social media.

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