Dr. Oz: Chicken Pox, Shingles, Varicella & Dermatome Pattern

Many of us had chicken pox when we were younger. But did you know that the virus stays hidden in your body and that 1 in 3 people will fall victim to the chicken pox virus all over again in the form of Shingles? If you are over 50, this is a must read!

Varicella (or chicken pox) are classic legions that grow underneath your skin.  Your nerve endings become inflamed, and the chicken pox virus goes to the root of the nerve where it lies dormant for decades.  As you get older, and your immune system becomes frail, the chicken pox virus can surface to the skin.  When this happens, it is called Shingles.  Shingles can happen over and over again (unlike getting Chicken Pox, which generally occurs once in your life).  When you get shingles, the nerve where the chicken pox virus was stored wraps all around the middle of your body, so it forms a very specific arc-like pattern in your rib area.  The Shingles pattern is called dermatone.  If you diagnose shingles quickly and if you keep your immune system strong, then you will be able to minimize you risk of the sharp pain that Shingles can cause.



  1. c macmillan says

    Just wondering if the shngles vaccine can cause a case os shingles since it is a live vaccine?

  2. c macmillan says

    I am wondering if the shingles vaccine can cause hingles as it is a live vaccine?

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