Dr Oz: Child Food Hoarders: Children Who Hoard Food


Dr Oz Hoarders: Children Who Hoard Food

Tyche is a 200 lb 11-year-old girl who binges and hordes food. Since she was two, Tyche had been hoarding food, hiding it under her bed and in her closets. Tyche was 4-years-old when mom really noticed the hoarding and became concerned. Mom stated that Tyche brought the food to her room because it was the best place to hide it. One day, when mom was cleaning her daughter’s room, she found raw bacon under her bed. Every time mom cleaned Tyche’s room, she dreaded it, fearing she would find more food. On this particular day, mom found ice cream, a can of ravioli and pizza hidden in her daughter’s room.

Dr Oz: Food Hoarders

Mom stated that when she went grocery shopping for the family, it was Tyche who ate most of the food. Dr Oz Food Hoarders Mom had to padlock the fridge to keep her daughter from binging. Tyche had even eaten from the trashcan. Surprisingly, mom was a nurse, but felt like her daughter’s issues were beyond her control. Mom stated that she didn’t like to take pictures of her daughter because she didn’t want her to remember looking like this. (That’s really sad!) Mom’s biggest fear was that she was going to lose her daughter to death and didn’t know what to do about it.


  1. says

    Did you consider testing for Prader-Willy Syndrome & various mineral deficiencies and diabetes? It seems FAR out of the realm of choice or usual eating disorders to eat raw bacon or butter. Look for zebra not horse, IMHO….please. I was nurse & am ill so watch too many Mystery Diagnosis episodes & she sounds like “the Boy who couldn’t stop eating”

  2. Rosalee Adams says

    I wonder if this little child has some sort of hypothalamus irregularity
    Part of the hypothalamus has to do with hunger.
    Has it been checked???

  3. Joe says

    “Her husband, (Tyche’s father) did not want to come onto The Doctor Oz Show because he felt embarrassed and ashamed for his daughter. Dad didn’t want to hear it was his fault. (Sounds kind of selfish to me. What do you think?)”
    Since you asked what I think…

    She was on television and not sworn in on a witness stand. She got to say whatever she wanted and all the rest of you conflict consumers in tv-land get to eat it up. Did you notice that Mom isn’t exactly a picture of physical fitness? Did it strike you as odd that she had no idea why her daughter is fat?

    Did you see the videos Dr. Oz’s producers came up with? Where did Tyche get that food she was eating in the videos? The crew took footage of the padlock on the fridge, so did they provide Tyche with the raw hotdogs? Did she have them stored from before the padlock was put in place? Where was their concern while the cameras were rolling? Would you let your kid eat raw hot dogs, or whatever other unidentifiable crap they were peddling as her food hoard, for the sake of sensationalist television?

    There are ratings to be made here, and not too much truth in my opinion.

  4. Brad says

    That mother blamed everybody and everything in the world except herself. Am I taking crazy pills or something? Am I the only one to see the mother and know exactly WHY the daughter was the way she was?!?

    Unfortunately, the cable went out mid-show for us here in Afghanistan, but i saw that coming up after a commercial they were going to show the daughter what she might look like in 10 years. Why would they need a computer graphic for this. It should have been obvious to say: look next to you at your mother. This is what you are going to look like.

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