Dr Oz: Children & Teens Sold As Slaves in America? Unbelievable Story


Dr Oz: Holly’s Story

Dr Oz revealed Holly’s Story, a sad childhood story.  On a typical day, Holly went to the mall with her friends.  She was behind the crowd when she noticed a man staring at her.  The man took her aside and told her she could become a model and promised her a red Corvette.  Holly agreed to runaway with him.  She was only 14-years-old.  They went to a motel where he had a female friend waiting for them.  The woman dyed Holly’s hair and put makeup on her.  Holly was given a red dress and high heels.  That was when she got scared.  She was right to be scared.  Within the first 12 hours, Holly was in Atlantic City, New Jersey, having men forced upon her.  The first man was an older guy who told Holly that she reminded him of his granddaughter.  The second night, fate stepped in and Holly was arrested and immediately sent home.


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