Dr Oz: Chip Maker Giveaway FREE by Mastrad’s TopChip & Oster MyBlend


Dr Oz: Mastrad’s TopChips Chips Maker Giveaway

On today’s show, Dr Oz brought out Steve Greenberg, Innovative Insider, to give you the most useful gadgets to make life in your kitchen just a little bit easier.

Dr Oz: Oster MyBlend Review

Oster Myblend- This machine is simple to operate and comes with a 20 oz container.

Dr Oz Free Chip Maker Giveaway

Dr Oz Free Chip Maker Giveaway


  1. Damarie Mancini says

    I would really like to try this, we are all trying to eat healthier this year.

  2. Sandra McCabe says

    I am trying to cut fat out of my diet. I have lost 55lbs since June 2011 ..This is great !!! I want one !!! Thanks for sharing Sandra

  3. Iris Waung says

    I wouls like to receive a free topchip kits from watching Dr. Oz show on Jan. 18, 2012. Thank you. Iris

  4. Patricia says

    I have been watching what I eat now that I am 51,it would be amazing to be able to eat chips again and plan to make them with my grandchildren your never too young to eat health. I really want one of these! no more cookie baking for this grandma.

  5. says

    I am always trying to find a way to help my family eat healthy. Chips are my families down fall. I would love to find a better way to enjoy these treats! Would love to try this product! And the kids could help make the treats as well!

  6. Patricia DeBoise says

    I really would like to receive a top chip kit from watching Dr> Oz on Jan. 18, 2012.
    Thank you very much. Patricia

  7. says

    i have been advised to cut back on my fat intake. my down fall is potato chips. I would like to have a top chip kit so i can be healthier. I saw this on the Dr. Oz. show and want one. Thank you.

  8. Tammy Flook says

    My husband loves his potatoe chips and he has high cholesterol also!!!! I would love to have one of these!!!!


  9. Patricia DeBoise says

    Yes I really would like to receive the TOPCHIP Kit from Jan. 18, 2012 show.
    Thank you so much. Patricia

  10. Beverly Atchison says

    Dr. Oz: I love your show and thought the Chip Maker and Oster MyBlend were interesting products to have in my kitchen.

  11. Patricia Price says

    The oster myblend is a wonderful idea my husband and I could make so many wonderful drinks with it he would be thrilled I would really love one thanks so much for such exciting products!

  12. martha kimbrough says

    I love the show and would very much like to have a Mastrads chips maker. It looks to be easy and fun to use.
    Thank you Dr. Oz and Mastrads.

  13. Julia Jarvis says

    Would love to eat healthy potatoe chips as you showed on TV Jan.18th. My cholesterol is
    high and it runs in family, that makes it harder to fix. Would love to have the chip maker
    thank you

  14. Sara says

    Loved the show today! I am very interested in this terrific chip-maker you were promoting on the show today. I know after the changes I have made and the hard work I have put in to make this change, that I definitly would love to have one! Not to mention my husband absolutely loves potato chips, I have watched him devour a whole bag in less than 30 minutes! No kidding! But not to worry he is very much in shape and eats pretty healthy, that is just a treat for him being so good!
    This last few months has had a huge effect on my husband and I. I have lost almost 20 pounds since last year and have had some personal challenges as well and I would love to treat my self (as a reward) for all of the hard work! It would ( like you said) make things a whole lot easier on me in the kitchen, and I feel like with all of the support my husband has given me, that he deserves a reward as well!
    Thanks so much,
    David and Sara Epperson!

  15. says

    I love Doctor Oz and watch him everyday, I am 65 years old and very health conscious and would love a free Chip Maker. I hope this is all I have to do to enter, I am really not so great on the computer but I do try!

  16. says

    I would like to eat healthy because of my high cholesterol levels I would like to try and win the chip maker called the top chip to begin my healthly journey with your help. thank you.

  17. Helen Tober says

    I have been watching your show from day one, love all the great information you give us.
    I have been waiting for something like the chip maker, to make my own without all the salt. Apple, sweet potatoes and other vegetales also, so fast in the microwave – a great product.

  18. says

    I have high blood pressure, but love eating chips, in fact every nite I must have some to satisfy my craving. I would love to win the Mastrade Chip maker. I am 79 yrs young. I could make veggie chips w/o all the salt.

  19. Patricia DeBoise says

    I really would like to receive the TopChip Kit,I think it would help with my husbands diet an mine,we our in our 70,s an eatting lots of vegy’s, but he gets tired of the same thing.
    Thank you very much.Patricia

  20. Nelline Webb says

    I would really like to win this; I have AB FIB and I am a Diabectic and I am on a limited income…Tks. Dr. Oz and I enjoy your show…

  21. Dharmishta Jiyani says

    I Watch your show every day I love it. I love that chip maker. I can us one. if i can get for free.

  22. Crystal says

    I love my vegetable, I would really like to recieve one of the chip makers. On a budget could not afford to buy one. I sometimes have to use my oven when I want to try and make chip with using vegetables but have trouble getting them cut the same size. Would be better to use the microwave if I had a chip maker. Thanks to you if I win.

  23. Linda Coakes says

    I Love Chips and this is one way I don’t have to give them up. I can make Sweet Potato Chips . That would sure make making Chips so easy to make and in a healthy way.

  24. Linda Coakes says

    I Love Chips and this is one way I don’t have to give them up. I can make Sweet Potato Chips . That would sure make making Chips so easy to make and in a healthy way

  25. Pat Dwyer says

    This will be a great birthday present to me. Am watching my weight and this will be a great help!

    Also trying to change eating habits for myself and my husband. He had heart surgery and
    I believe this will help the both of us.

    Many thanks. Love your show.

    Best regards,
    Pat Dwyer
    So. Carolina

  26. justine geiser says

    I would love a free chip maker…I snack a lot a this sounds like healthier snacking. The picture looked as if carrots were on the tray…can you also do maybe apples, etc?

  27. says

    Hi would love the chipmaker but it wasn’t available in Calgary… I faithlfully watch the program and I want to thank you for answering a friend’s request by email in Arkansas re her brother.
    Love the program.

  28. youlanda williams says

    I would like to try the chip maker because I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight and. I would also like to thank you for keeping your tv viewers informed on information we need but isn’t always easy to come by.

  29. Verlie Williams says

    I have HBP and i think this will b one of the ways this will help me eat healthy. i am a committed fan and i tape your show every day i really enjoy your shows i have been watching it from the very first day. thank you so much.

  30. Lydia Diaz says

    Love your show, we here at home buy lots of bags of chips, the chip maker will be put to good use it will be a lot healthier for me and my family because we would use it instead of buying the chips from the store. Thanks

  31. says

    I’m applying the many healthy tips and logical informationthat I’ve been learning the past couple of weeks to assist my busy working mom daughter create a healthier diet in her attempt to lose weight!
    We’re excited about its potential!

  32. Tina Lee says

    Not only is this a novel way to end up with healthier snacks but the possibilities seem endless! I wonder if you could try on other kinds of veggies and fruits??? What a great way to make portable snacks for hikes, plane and car rides as well as quick snacks for everyday in my purse! I can’t wait to try it!

  33. Maureen Meagher says

    I just moved from NJ to NC and I found out how much I love sweet potaote and would love to be able to make chips with that great gadget as well as apple ones.I know my Grandkids would et a big kick out of helping me make them as well,so I hope I qualify for one.Thank you and God Bless

  34. f.heavens says


  35. Mary A Campbell says

    I’m gonna get healthy yet! Thanks for your help Dr. Oz. “Chips” are something I love of course so would love to try the Mastrad Chip Maker… Thanks again!

  36. Roseann Toce says

    I would like to try the chip maker……I am a big fan of the Dr. Oz show……I’m always interested
    in finding ways to lower calories….Thanks again!

  37. David Burrowes says

    I saw the chip maker demo on Dr Oz that showed on NZ Televison this week – It sounds like a dream machine – producing helathy potato chips. I would love to receive one

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