Dr Oz: Chiropractor & Spinal Manipulation with Dr Steven Shoshany

Doctor Oz spoke about Chiropractic Therapy or Spinal Manipulation, which has been a controversial topic, but there are new reports that claim that Chiropractic Manipulation might be just as effective as pain medication.  Dr Oz said that 80% of us have back pain, so this could be good news for quite a few folks.  Dr Oz even brought a Chiropractor, Dr Steven Shoshany, on his show to give Christa (the Assistant-of-the-Day) a back adjustment!

Dr Oz: Back Pain & Chiropractors

Dr Oz said that the word Chiropractor is a Greek word that means Done By Hand.  So what can prompt you to make a Chiropractic visit?  If you take a look at your Dr Oz Chiropractic Manipulationspine, often when a person sleeps the spine can twist and you will wake-up with back pain.  Or you can get spinal misalignment from lifting up the kids or heavy groceries.  There are many ways to get your back out of whack.  Often back pain comes from a Herniated Disc in your spine, but even a regular disc can apply pressure to the nerves in your spine and cause a great deal of discomfort.

Dr Oz: Bird Dog Back Exercise

Dr Oz said that you should strengthen your core muscles so that your spine does not have to take all of the pressure.  One way to do this is by doing an exercise called Bird Dog.  Get down on the floor on all fours, like you are pretending to be a dog.  Then lift your right leg straight up and your left arm straight out.  Repeat on the other side.

Dr Oz: Chiropractic Manipulation

Dr Steven Shoshany had Christa lie down on her side with one knee bent in, and then he did something that sounded like he was cracking her back.  Dr Shoshany then repeated this on her other side.  And finally he had her lie on her stomach and pushed down.  Christa said that it felt awesome.  Dr Steven Shoshany explained that Chiropractors look for the root of the problem, rather than masking the problem with pain killers.  Now comes the tough part for me – finding a good Chiropractor!


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    It is great to hear that a chiropractor was on the Dr. Oz show…. what a great thing.

    I would like to clear up one thing. Chiropractors do NOT manipulate the spine… Chiropractors perform specific scientific spinal adjustments with their hands. A Vertebral Subluxation is what Chiropractors adjust. It is when the spine is out of alignment and those segments interfere with nerve transmission that effect your body’s health. Nerves control every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. So an adjustment may be needed when you are not in pain. Just like you don’t feel a cavity until you need some form of dental intervention. Enjoy chiropractic for your whole family!!!!

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    Dr.Steven Shoshany Chiropractor NYC- Call (212) 627- 8149

    Dr. Oz’s segment presents and reaffirms the finding of the Cochrane study that inspired it. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal joint motion, and soft tissue function, and also speeds the rehabilitation and recovery time of the affected structures.

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