Dr Oz: Chitosan, Calcium Pyruvate & GLA: Diet Supplements


Dr Oz: Fat Burning Supplements

Dr Oz did a show with Montel Williams about the SafSlim Diet, and then followed it up with a discussion of various fat burning supplements.  So you’re still not sure how to get rid of that extra bulge in the middle. (Don’t feel bad, me neither!) In this segment, Doctor Oz gave you 3 brand spankin’ new fat busting supplements that will help you bust that gut forever!


  1. says

    Pyruvate and Chitosan have been around FOR YEARS! Sold them in my health food store. Didn’t get much feedback on either of them. Chitosan is basically ground up seashell that fills you up. Still carry Chitosan but discontinued Pyruvate about 10 years ago! Maybe there’s a more effective one out there. GLA is great! I take that one and sell a lot of it!

  2. rachel says

    Gla is derived from many sources. Borage oil would be one of the richest sources available.

  3. Kevin says

    I just picked up the GLA at Best Price Nutrition. The other 2 were out of stock. Is one enough?

  4. Richard says

    Oz recommends 800mg? I just bought Twin Lab GLA at 300mg a pill and it says daily dose 1 pill. Should I take 2 or 3???

  5. says

    Take 3. It won’t hurt you. The supplement I bought at Costco for $12.99 is 1000 mg. GLA is also called Evening Primrose.

  6. says

    Your Evening Primrose is not 1000 mg. GLA…it might be 1000 Evening Primrose but check the label for actual GLA amounts. . Again…the most potent source of GLA is Borage Oil….it is more potent than Evening Primrose. And,beware of cheap brands…they use Hexane, an unsafe chemical, in the extraction process. The best one I know of is made by Now Foods.

  7. says

    Thanks, Kristin–I checked, and the evening primrose from Costco has 100 mg of GLA. So I’ll take a bunch of these everyday and finish them off and get what you suggest. Many thanks!

  8. Chris says

    I found this at “My Supplement Store” – Life Extension Mega GLA (As Seen on Dr Oz)

    Life Extension Mega GLA – Dr. Oz Customers: This GLA supplement supplies 299mg per capsule. Dr. Oz’s recommendation is 800mg per day. We recommend taking 3 capsules per day. This bottle will then last you 20-30 days. Price: $14.63

  9. says

    Dr Oz recommemded 1000 mg before each meal for 7 days..if my pill has 200 mg of gla can I take 5 before each meal?

  10. Tiffany says

    When doing the 7 day meal replacement shakes with whey protien and chitosan, I know you use the shakes to replace breakfast and lunch and then eat a healthy dinner but am i alowed to eat healthy snacks in between shakes and what would you recommend?

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